Uploading from FrontPage

I am working on my first ever website, and am a total and very dumb beginner - like worse than my grandmother and the VCR. I’m trying to muddle through as best as I can, but I am stumped.

I made my site on FrontPage, and bought a domain and signed up with a host. I installed the FrontPage extensions that came with the host package and uploaded. For the first day or two, everything was great. My address read as “http://www.mydomain.com” and all my pages as “http://www.mydomain.com/whatever”.

But then a couple days later, something changed. The main page is still the same, but the other pages now read as “ftp://hostnumber/whatever”. I very very vaguely understand the difference between http and ftp, but two questions:

  1. What could have happened to change it?
  2. How do I change it back?

Just to add, if it matters, that the guy I asked at the host said it’s something to do with my settings, and that FrontPage loaded the pages that way. FrontPage help says that if the extensions are installed it will load as HTTP, otherwise FTP, so I am very confused.