upn's "nowhere man"

was talking ot a buddy about this show the other night, and for the life of me cant remember how it ended, if it ended or if there was even a planned ending that never got aired… cant seem to find the answeres online either as most sites havent been updated since the middle of the series run so i decided to check in here…

We’re talking about the TV series with ‘Thomas Veil’, right? This is what I recall.

For ‘quote’ read ‘spoiler’.
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Too late, dude. I already read it. And I was just fixin’ to watch episodes of this show for the first time too.

Now I get to curse you forever, even from my grave. How’s that for bad Karma? :wink:

Watch the show anyway because there are lots of plotlines that I didn’t mention.

: chanting for good karma :

I just wanted to say that “Tom Vail” and “Nowhere, man” would be a great user name/location combo.