Nostalgia time: Remember this short-lived mid-90s TV series?

“My name is Thomas Veil. Or at least it was. I’m a photographer. I had it all: A wife, a house, friends, a career. And in one moment, it was all taken away. All because of a single photograph. I have it. They want it. And they will do anything to get the negative. I am keeping this diary as proof that these events are real. I know they are. They have to be.”

I freakin’ loved this show.

Nowhere Man. Yeah, it was a great show. I particularly liked the episodes where he started fighting back against the mysterious agency.

I was floored when Veil found the site where the photograph in question was actually taken and it turned out to be in Washington DC, not South America like he had always thought.

The final episode was kind of a let down though.

I popped in to check my own thread, titled Geraint Wyn-Davies, me!!! It was immediately followed by this one.


Short-lived '90’s shows rock.

Maybe Nowhere Man will pop up on Sci-fi.

Let me get this straight – you guys are nostalgic about 1995?

I enjoyed the show at the beginning, but as it continued on, I just got more and more confused. Can someone SPOIL the damn thing for me and tell me what it was all about?

Yeah. Do you have a problem with that?

I’ve started reviewing some of the episodes that I saved on tape and will just give the gist of it:
After apparently losing his identity and everything else, Tom Veil went on a personal mission during which he traveled to various places, always on the run from people who were after him, and trying to find clues about them and about what had happened to him. He thought the whole thing was some massive conspiracy and that he really had a photograph of something that no one was supposed to see.
I haven’t gotten to review the last episode yet, but I remember that in it he finds some videotape of himself being brainwashed and made to say that he is Thomas Veil…so his identity wasn’t even what he had thought it was.
Well, I’ve left out a lot, so it’s back to the tape collection…

Just seems a bit ludicrous.

What I remember about that tv show is that the bad guys were somewhat less competent than the dumbest police department I’ve ever heard of, and were constantly letting the protagonist slip through their grasp because they forgot to cover the back door. Or maybe they were just playing with him, which would make sense if he were really brainwashed. The problem with these paranoid fantasies is that they never hold up under examination, except to delusional schizophrenics.

Here’s what I recall: Thomas Veil, a photographer, is recently back from a job in South America. All of a sudden, while out to dinner, nobody recognizes him-- not his wife, family or friends. He learns that a secret government organization wants something he has: a photograph he took in South America depicting several people being hung from gallows.

In one episode, Veil is able to make his former friend admit that this organization threatened him with torture and death unless he plays along and pretends not to know him.

The show is like The Prisoner in the sense that this organization goes to extremely elaborate means to find some seemingly inconsequential piece of information. (The writers pay homage to The Prisoner when Veil is assigned the number 6).

Yeah, okay, but what was it really all about, in the end?

(scratchin’ that curiousity itch)

Paranoia, conspiracies, secret/covert operations and organizations, and brainwashing.

Or maybe it was all about hamsters. :smiley: