Urgent: attending Jets v Patriots game today


I’m an international tourist attending Jets v Patriots at MetLife Stadium today. I would like to know if I haven’t printed my ticket, will I be able to get help at a ticket desk at the stadium to print? I am staying at an airbnb and don’t know where I can print the ticket I bought online today.

Also, how do I get there by train? I go to Penn Station and go from there but does NJ Transit take me straight there or do I have to change?

Many thanks.

Google for a “UPS Store” or a “Fedex Office” store. You can email a file to them and they will print it out. You can pick it up at the store. Many FedEx Office stores are open 24/7.

I think many Office Depot and Staples office supplies stores also have a copying center that can do that for you. Most are open Sunday.

If the ticket is on your phone a lot of venues can scan it from the phone. Don’t know if that applies at MetLife stadium.

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This site says it applies to Jets games at MetLife.

Here’s the Jets’ Ticket FAQ. It doesn’t seem to mention scanning tickets on phones, but you should be able to call or speak with a representative if you want confirmation. You can also go to the “will call” desk at the stadium to resolve ticket issues.

So did you make it? Hope you weren’t rooting for the Jets.

Wasn’t great for the Pats either even though they won.

“Hope you weren’t rooting for the Jets” kind of applies to this season though honestly.

They make the Super Bowl every 50 years. Things are going to be all right.

I’m imagining this being delivered with a Joe Namath wink and smile.

Belated thanks for the replies. I needn’t have worried because they just scanned the page on my phone and I was in, no problem. Yes, I was rooting for the Jets but just happy to see a great game, my first ever NFL game!

Glad you had a good time and all went well (except for the score).