URL posting as 'here' help

Can someone, anyone, please explain to me how to post a URL under the name of whatever you want?

For instance, saying ‘here’ as oposed to reprinting the entire URL. I’ve asked this before and was directed to the vB code page. I’ve printed it, read it, and still can’t figure it out. I don’t understand what I’m missing but it’s something.

Can anyone explain it?

Any help is always appreciated.

Thanks, Chris.


You’re right , what’s up with that ?

How about this

If you make it <url=“http://www.guardianunlimited.co.uk/notesandqueries/category/0,5753,-14,00.html”]guardian link[/url> like this . Substituting the < > at the beginning and end with it works. I would guess it’s the comma within the address . Putting it the other way seems to force VB code to see it. Only guessing though.

That worked for me after a clean restart, cleared history, temp file, cookie file. It worked for you in the ‘here’ post. Don’t know what the frick is up.

Thanks yojimbo. Appreciate it.

You post too damn fast.

It worked in your ‘here’ post. After reading your second post, I think I’ve got it covered. Strange, though, I’ve never run into that before.

Screwed up a couple of good posts.

Here’s the coding sequence, except that I’ve replaced the usual straight brackets you would use with curly ones.

Let’s say you wanted to make a hyperlink for The Straight Dope Home Page. That’s “www.straightdope.com.”

{url=“http://www.straightdope.com”}Click here{/url}
Click here

Note where I have “Click here” you could have typed in anything you wanted. Like so: The Straight Dope Home Page or All ye need know

If all you want to do is show the link and it doesn’t matter if the coding shows, you can let the system do the work for you; just type in your address and be sure to click the “automatically parse URLs” box under the reply form, where it says “Options.” Like so: http://www.straightdope.com

Ain’t technology grand?

your humble TubaDiva

PS I note that in the time it took me to type this, you got your question answered already. Screw it, I’m still hitting the button.

NOTE: I also see I screwed up by not fully testing my links; if you do not put in the “http://” part, it defaults back to the last one listed in the coding, which in this case was “http://boards.straightdope.com.” So every link was looping on itself, so to speak, and obviously could not be found. I have fixed this. My apologies.
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No problem :slight_smile: The easiest way to do this is clicking on the “vB code is on link” just above your user name on the reply page . Then just cut and paste how to do it from that page and fill in your own info.

guardian link

Got it now, thank you.

And… thank you Tuba.

Never thought I’d have a personal response from you. Glad it was good…


So, if I type

[[sup][/sup]url=“http://www.straightdope.com”]The Straight Dope[[sup][/sup]/url]

I’ll get

The Straight Dope

Chronos , you’re to clever by half , nice one . :smiley:

I’ve got to remember how to do that .

And for those who don’t know how to find out how I did that, (namely, click the “reply to this message” link), the way I did it was by interrupting the tags-- In between the opening bracket and the letters url, I inserted a superscript and end superscript tag. Since there wasn’t anything between them, nothing got supered, but it kep vB from recognizing the url as a tag. Be warned that previewing might cancel this effect, I haven’t tested… If you still want to preview (sensible; it’s easy to screw something like that up), then hit the “back” button and submit it from the original reply screen, and not from the preview screen.

If this didn’t work, it’s another case of preview screwing up the post.




So, Chronos, are you just saying that you typed in:

[[[sup][/sup]sup][[sup][/sup]/sup]url=“http://www.straightdope.com”]The Straight Dope[[[sup][/sup]sup][[sup][/sup]/sup]/url]

Pretty darn clever. :slight_smile:

Yes, exactly, and I would have put it in exactly those terms, except that I was rather too lazy to interrupt my interrupts :[sup][/sup]D :smiley:

[sub](It works with smilies, too)[/sub]

OK, and I just tested, interrupted tags aren’t restored by preview, after all.

Judas H. I can’t believe my test post generates more interests than any of my real posts…