US Midterm Election watch along thread

Hamadeh is suing to be declared the winner of the race for Arizona Attorney General:

Washington Post (gift link)

The suit asks the court to issue an injunction preventing the secretary of state from certifying Mayes as the winner and requiring her to declare Hamadeh the winner. It also asks that the court order the various county officials to correct procedural and tabulation errors it claims they made and amend the final vote count, which it argues will make the Republican the winner.

Dan Barr, an attorney for Mayes, said the Democrat will ask the court to dismiss the complaint, which he called “devoid of actual facts.”

Here’s hoping for a quick dismissal.

And she wins!

Woot! So happy about this!

Murkowski won too. Neither was a big surprise. It’d been a surprise if either had lost.

Republicans have already taken the message that the RCV is bad for them. They’re right, but probably not for the reason (whatever they come up with, if any) they think. It’s because RCV disfavors extremist candidates and Trumpists are pretty much all extremists.

The way Alaska does RCV, there’s also a need to campaign differently in the primary. Because four candidates advance from the primary, you don’t want to alienate voters who are likely to give a 2nd choice vote. So attacking another candidate from your own party in the primary is not a good idea. That other candidate could also be in the general election and you want their voters’ second choices. I do not live in Alaska, but from what I gather, Palin didn’t understand this.

Similarly, Murkowski won for Senator over Palin.

I did some game theory calculations about how the additional senator affects M and S’s voting power

The Board of Supervisors in Cochise County, Arizona have voted to refuse to certify their vote in the recent election. A Pennsylvania county did as well.

It doesn’t say that in the NPR article, but I read elsewhere that without Cochise County votes (heavily R), at least two election results will be flipped from R to D, including one for the US House of Representatives.

My reaction: OK, let them not be counted. If they don’t want to join the election, we’ll just let them sit there and pout.

My sentiments exactly. And after they disenfranchise thousands of mostly Republican voters, let them explain their reasoning for flauting the law to a judge and to all of those voters.

“Look what you made me do!!!”

AP says the second race is for school superintendent, the biggest disappointment in this election. Democrats in Arizona won the Senate, Governor’s and Secretary of State’s elections but lost School Sup. to Tom Horne, Sup. for eight years before becoming AG for four.

The main focus of his campaign was to stop CRT being taught in schools but was unable to point to any districts that had implemented it.

" Arizona law plainly states that the supervisors board “has a non-discretionary duty to canvass the returns as provided by the County Recorder or other officer in charge of elections and has no authority (emphasis added) to change vote totals or reject the election results.” And a refusal to comply can even expose members of the board to criminal liability."

I don’t want any leopards to starve or anything, but I’m still in favor of everyone’s votes actually counting. I’m thankful that the nature of message board posting affords me the anonymity to express such outlandish views!

Something something Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Next he’ll campaign against shark attacks in Arizona, and insist everyone wear a magic shark-repelling bracelet. Success!

Yup. First day on the job he can hold a press conference where all he does is dust off his hands and say “See, I told ya!”

Hell, no! It was Vince Foster all along!

How retro!

We’re talkin’ deep state here.

It’s Vince Fosters all the way down?

the house stands at 212d to 220r at this time. rep. mceachin (d) passed away on monday and a special election will happen in his district for his seat.

2 races remain uncalled.