US Rt 202

Why is it signed as running East/West? It runs much closer to North/South.

I live pretty close to route 202 in New Jersey. It is labeled north/south.

Labeled north/south in southeastern Pennsylvania as well…

It’s labeled on a state by state basis, depending on how it runs through each state.

It’s N-S in MA, E-W elsewhere in New England. It looks like it’s E-W in NY, N-S in NJ, and I can’t tell in PE and DE.

That highway runs through eight states, from Delaware to Maine. So it might help if you specified where you’re seeing east-west signage.

Coincidentally I am looking out the window right now at cars driving north and south on 202.

His location indicates New England, so I assume he’s not in Massachusetts. In CT, MA, NH, and ME it runs at about a 45 degree angle, so either labeling would work. Of the four states, it’s most clearly E-W in NH.

As I mentioned earlier, it is marked as N-S in Pennsylvania, although it runs very close to NE-SW based on where it crosses state lines. However, many (non-Interstate) highways, county lines, and township lines in southeastern Pennsylvania run “diagonally”: NE-SW or NW-SE. Drives my wife (who is from relatively “orderly” Massachusetts) nuts. Probably due to the fact that the border (Delaware River) flows NE-SW in our corner of the state (and then NW-SE after it bends at Trenton)…

Being in the land of the Capitol Beltway, our major Interstates (I-x95) Run in all four directions. One minute, you’re on 695N, the next minute you’re on on 695E. It confuses a lot of GPS (and drivers). Giving directions around here is somewhat less than awesome.

I vaguely remember driving somewhere (maybe Raleigh, NC?) years ago where the ring road was very helpfully marked “CW” and “CCW”.

U.S. 101 in California is signed north/south along its entire route, including the heavily traveled portion in Los Angeles which runs entirely east/west. Adding to the confusion, the guide signs on surface streets mark the freeway onramps as “eastbound” and “westbound”, while the freeway itself is marked “north” or “south”. :smack:

Just looked it up. It was I-440 in Raleigh, and it was marked “Inner” and “Outer” for the clockwise and counter-clockwise directions. The markings were discontinued in 2002.

There are two major US Routes running near us. Both East-West. Problem. One is a North-South (odd number) highway. Runs E-W for a long ways. Confuses some people. E.g., MrsFtG used to work at a place on the north side of the “N-S” highway. Giving directions that referred to local geography confused people who insisted on wanting to know whether it is on the east or west side of the road.

That’s true in Connecticut as well. I-95 is the big interstate highway that runs up the East Coast from Florida to Maine. But in Connecticut, it runs east-west along the coastline.

Near Newport, Maine, there is a small section of I-95 where you travel the opposite direction of the sign. It takes a dip to the south on the way to Bangor, so for a few miles, the signs will say you are traveling North, and GPS say south. (or vice versa)

In Berkeley, CA, if you’re on I-80 heading toward Sacramento, you are simultaneously on I-80 eastbound and I-580 westbound, and your actual direction of travel is north. Fortunately, traffic moves so slowly through there that you have plenty of time to figure out which way to go.

While traveling in the other direction on that same stretch of road at certain hours, traffic moves so slowly that you aren’t moving in any direction at all.

The same is true on that above-mentioned section of US-101 in the San Fernando Valley mentioned by buddha_david above. I remember that being the case even 50-some years ago when I was growing up in that area.

In Washington, U.S. 101 is signed north/south from the Oregon border to Forks where it becomes an east/west route across the Olympic Peninsula until it’s junction with (I believe) State Route 20 when it goes back to north/south.

These things happen every now and again. Probably the most famous, as far as these things go is the dip in I-25 near Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Also, in Chicago, I-90/94 runs north-south, but is signed as east-west, since that is the “big picture” direction of both highways.

I lived half my life within walking distance of 202 in PA and NY. I’ve traveled it from DE into CT. Obviously over it’s entire length it runs north-south, but for many miles at a time it can be running in any direction, and it was distinctly running east-west passing through NY.