USA vs. Japan tomorrow

I am SO excited. Although Japan has surprised people all over the world with their play, I don’t think they will be able to defend the amazing Abby Wambach or Lauren Cheyney. Opinions?

In case anybody else was wondering, this is about women’s World Cup soccer/football.

Not WWII? Dammit! Because I know how that one turns out already. I was hoping to make my fortune gambling.

yes i probably should have specified that. well, i figured anyone who obsesses over the world cup like i do would have known.

USA vs. Japan tomorrow is so '80s-Cyberpunk. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whew! I was going to phone Obama and tell him to get the battleships out of mooring at Pearl Harbor.

Damn. My biggest regret is that my generation never got to shoot flamethrowers down Japanese hidey holes.

Do you think this would even be on ESPN if the US weren’t in the finals?

Yes. They have contracts.

Do you think ESPN would have entered into the contract(s) if they didn’t think the US had a chance of going to the finals?

Yes cuz they have the rights to the Men’s World Cup too…and we don’t have as good a chance of winning that.

ESPN is trying very hard to have soccer make it in America.

I know. I was just having fun, like a child who asks “why?” after everything you say.

Please don’t ask why.

What does that have to do with anything?

I think that it being the largest sporting event in the world might have something to do with that. Comparing men’s and women’s sports is not fruitful.

I’m guessing a US win by 3-0. Maybe 3-1. Though Japan can control the ball and the pace of the game, they will have a hard time generating good scoring chances. They are a wonderful team to watch, though, and their progression through the tournament has been a great story.

Yeah, I’m definitely counting on a US win. I rooted for Japan because of their great story up until tomorrow.

Yes. Why wouldn’t they?

Because last time after US lost to Brazil it was like the whole thing was over.

They did not air the final?

They did.

They did, but almost begrudgingly–not with all the analysis, build up and pre-game attention they’ve been giving this time. My point is that for ESPN, women’s FIFA doesn’t seem to be all that important unless the US is winning.