USC ND greatest game in last decade?

As a UA fan, USC, ND and Penn State, of course, are on my enemies list, but good grief, last night’s 34-31 USC victory was one of the best games I’ve seen since UA beat Miami for the '92 championship.

Anyone else agree?

Well there’s no debating it was an absolutely fantastic game - college football at its finest. However, I have a hard time deciding whether it was “greater” than the 2003 Fiesta Bowl where OSU upset Miami.

IF USC runs the table and wins a back-to-back-to-back National Championship with little opposition AND that ND game is the greatest test they face on that run . . . then I’ll say yes, it’s the greatest game in the last decade.

At this point, I’m just going to call USC v. ND (2005) and OSU v. Miami (2003) two of the greatest freaking games in the last decade and let it go. YMMV!

  • Peter Wiggen

There have been two seven-OT games in the last couple of years. Those have to merit consideration, too. Maybe you want to narrow this down to games with title implications?

You are correct sir.

People have short memories ;). I think last year’s Texas-Michigan Rose Bowl game was a better game than USC v. ND.

This is just my opinion since I was at this one, but Arkansas - Tennessee in 6 OTs was very exciting. Then there’s the Arkansas - Ole Miss 7 OT game.
Being a Tennessee guy I’ve seen many excellent games between Florida/UT.
Oh, and don’t forget the Texas/Ohio State game earlier this year. That was a fantastic game.

A classic battle of the unbeatable vs the quintessential spoiler. Hard to say where it ranks as “best game of the decade”, but certainly in the top 10 at this point.

Michigan-Penn State this weekend has to be up there too. A great game overall with an absolutely spectacular finish. Although I would have to give the edge to USC-ND on the Leinart fumble but man what a great day of college football.

As a Subway Alumnus of Notre Dame, I thought it was a very good game, but far from the greatest I’ve ever seen.

To keep the survey in perspective, back in the late 1980’s, CBS TV reported that a survey of Green Bay Packer fans showed they considered then-coach Lindy Infante the greatest coach in the team’s history.

Yes, greater than Vince Lombardi or Curly Lambeau. A few years later, Lindy was fired, without ever winning a championship.

To some extent, people who repsond to such surveys are likely to answer with whatever is freshest on their minds. Yesterday’s games were VERY fresh on people’s minds. But even the people who said USC/ND was the greatest game ever would probably have thought of a few better games if they’d thought a little longer. Just like Packer fans who gave the question more than a few seconds’ thought would have picked Lombardi.

LOL! Right on the money, astorian. People like to say the ‘best’ was who or what they last saw. You see it all the time. After some close game, it becomes the ‘best of all time’.

It was probably one of the top 3 games of the 'SC-ND rivalry. It may be the toughest game USC has until a bowl game, but UCLA is looking pretty good right now.

Yeah, especially after they almost lost to a feeble Washington State team on Saturday.

Yes, but as we see ‘almost’ means jack in college football.

Best game in the last decade? It wasn’t even the best game yesterday.

While yesterday’s games were pretty exciting, none of them stack up to this one: 2001 MAC Championship game: Toledo 41 Marshall 36

UCLA struggling against WSU is not very encouraging. How hard is that to see?

UCLA has come from behind in its last three games and won in the fourth quarter. You can either think that they are a “team of destiny” or “a disaster waiting to happen”.

Probably somewhere in between, I think. Next week’s game against Oregon State will be a chance for UCLA to show that it can dominate a whole game, like they did in the first three games of the season.

The same thing can be said of 'SC so far this year. In college football it isn’t the journey so much as the destination. If you win you are fine- even if you need to comeback in the second half to do it.

Any game ND loses is by definition a great game.

South Bend delenda est.