Useless body parts that are good for something

I knew a girl who put her pubic hair to use by gluing up a fake beard for a Halloween party. Supposedly she went unrecognized.

I can wiggle my ears. To this day I can’t describe what i do to make this happen; I discovered it by accident one day in high school when I realized my glasses were moving up and down my nose. The left ear moves better than the right.

I have to assume it’s something related to other mammals being able to prick their ears up (e.g. dogs, horses).

There’s a tendon that some / most people have on the inside of the wrist - the palmaris longus. A significant percentage of people (14% or so) don’t have this; the only issue they have (apparently) is slightly decreased pinching strength on the ring and pinky fingers. I’ve only got one (but that’s because the doc swiped the other to fix the tendon to that useless pinky finger! Got an interesting scar out of it - looks like a circle of bite marks.

Re the pinky and keyboard: While I do use mine - the left, in particular - when the right pinky was out of commission (see above) I didn’t miss its functionality, but boy howdy that thing got in the way (as I was unable to extend it to get it out of the way of the rest of the hand). I never seriously thought about amputating it, but I could see it being enough of an annoyance that someone would be tempted.

I am so proud of y’all, keep 'em coming!

My dental hygienist has never been that open minded.

They are a great excuse for my less than exemplary abs.

This is more than I expected, in so many ways.

This is as close to a super power as non fictional characters can go.

I figured out how to do that when I was very young. When I was teaching high school biology, I’d tell the kids the muscles animals use to rotate their ears are vestigial in humans. Then I’d wiggle my ears at them. Some would be surprised, but there were always a few who also were ear wigglers and promptly showed off.

I’m an ear wiggler. Also a tongue roller.

Oh, and ear lobes? Sometimes you need something to hold onto, during certain types of sex.

Not just funnel but also help determine the direction from which the sound is coming.

If a sound is coming, say, from 30-degrees to the right it should be a bit louder in your right ear than your left. If you turn your head slightly one way or another those folds inside your pinnae make the difference in sound radically shift. One gets louder and the other gets louder, softer, or stays the same.

After a lifetime of practice your brain interprets the change so you’re able to pin down the direction exactly so quickly and smoothly, you don’t even realize you’re doing it.

One theory I’ve heard on the evolutionary reason for pubic hair, particularly on females, is that is that it helps keep dirt and sand out of the intimate parts. Although that’s mostly moot unless you’re a nudist, since clothes serve the same purpose.

Another theory is that it helps contain pheromones. Armpit hair as well.