User avatars not sliding down anymore

On my android tablet, user avatars are no longer sliding down alongside long posts as I scroll.

Is this a change to the software, or have I accidentally changed something on my end? I looked through preferences and couldn’t find anything obvious. I’m using Sam’s Simple.

Doesn’t appear to be working on Windows 11, Chrome with Discourse Classic.

There was a Discourse Update yesterday. This is quite possibly related.

Not sliding for me either… Win 10, Brave, Discourse classic.

Always relieved to learn it’s not (necessarily) a stupid mistake on my part.

Not doing it for me, either. And I’m glad. I never liked that feature. I hope it stays gone. Speaking only for myself, of course.

Personally, I never cared much about that feature one way or another, so this merits a big “whatever” from me.

So far, the tally on this latest update is two features I don’t care about, one that was bad but which was quickly fixed, and one that’s very good. I’m happy.

Another thing I’ve instantly noticed since the avatars no longer slide: The page doesn’t jump back to the prior post when I scroll past it. Which was a constant annoyance. That issue appears to be fixed now. As someone who must scroll a lot to review threads, I say, “much better!”

I liked the sliding avatars. It helped keep straight who had written a long post.

Me, too. Are they coming back or gone forever? Anyone?

I’m on Safari on a newer iPhone (latest model) kept up to date. Not working for me either.

I’ve never seen this sliding avatars thing on either my iPhone running safari or laptop using Firefox.

@Eyebrows_0f_Doom: I’ve never seen it on mobile, as the avatars aren’t in a column by themselves. They are aligned with the post text on the left side.

If you see that on both your phone and laptop, then perhaps your laptop is zoomed in so far that you’re getting the mobile version.

I don’t have anything zoomed in. Is this a feature that can be turned off? Maybe when the boards first switched over to Discourse I turned it off and don’t even remember, because it’s definitely not a feature I want.

Only if you installed my UserScript and then disabled it in the options.

But very few people seemed interested.

Bueller? Bueller?

I’ve just noticed that they’re back.

So they are. Edge in Win10 on a PC for me.

Our long national nightmare is over!