username guidelines

I notice we have a new member on the boards named “Beer Nazi” and I hate to drag him into battle without ever having read a post of his or hers…BUT…

It made me wonder if there’s any sort of limitations as to what our usernames could be? I mean, I know I may be in a minority here, but I am ALWAYS offended by the casual use of the term NAZI for humorous effect. I think it’s disrespectful and harsh.

Are usernames reviewed before they’re accepted? Could I have conceivably been cumguzzlerj? If that was my bag?


We do occasionally ask new users to change their name. “Beer Nazi”. Well, what can I say. I seem to recall a poster named “Soup_Nazi”. I suppose he’s condoned because it’s really a Seinfeld reference.

I see your point though. It CAN be offensive. Let’s see what one of our administrators has to say about this example.

While we’re on the subject, and because newbies browsing the board (perhaps before registering) often look at ATMB, may I strongly suggest that if you plan to use a relatively long username, you put spaces in it?

I don’t care if you call yourself Uncle Beer’s Long Lost Nephew – but if you call yourself Unclebeerslonglostnephew, you’re gonna make a real mess of the threads you post in, the listings for the individual forums, and the main board index with that sesquipedalian nomenclatura.


Tuba et al., is this an acceptable thing to put here?

Yes, it’s more than suitable, it’s necessary. Thanks.

Let me also quote from the registration agreement:

Some words and names carry meaning with them that makes them objectionable. I find “Beer Nazi” to be one of them and I will be advising this poster that a name change is in order.

your humble TubaDiva

and from Polycarp

Made me wonder what user: ** White Male in the HOOD ** is trying to express. He may just be ‘street’, livin’ in the 'hood…but the name seems a little sinister to me.

Not that I’m out looking to bust people…it just seems odd.


If you aren’t interested in “busting people” then what is the point of your complaint? You don’t like the word Nazi as humor? You motto is “Lest We Forget”?

This board has people from all over the world. They don’t all subscribe to the Politically Correct Joke Rulebook you seem to be following.

Lighten up. It’s not easy coming up with a name. What if I got offended by your own reference to JarJar Binks and started asking about your motives? You wouldn’t like that would you?

Post and let post.

Eh, Lazy, welcome to the boards, and maybe you oughta get to know people before you jump in, hunh? JBJ has personal issues with the Nazis, so she’s within her rights to ask for a name change.

And if you’d been here longer than 30 minutes, you’d know that. :wink:

Eh, Ducky. She’s not within her rights to ask other people to change their name for her.
And I’ve been here long enough to know you are just a loud mouth who comments on anything and everything, and always attacks new people, regardless of how sensitve their names are.


DDG “always attacks new people”?!

DDG?! The SD’s unofficial welcome wagon and one of the all time nice posters?

Tell me, Lazy1, who’s president in the alternate dimension where you come from?

Never has a flame been so off target…I mean…c’mon. You’re not even trying.<chortle>


I’d say hi, lazy1, but I kinda doubt you’ll be staying so I won’t bother.

Personally, I think sesquipedalian nomenclatura would be a hell of a good username.

Eh, JBJ, next time just send Tuba an e-mail and you won’t lay yourself open to this kind of thing. :wink:

Quills did finally come to our one very small art-house theater–for exactly four (4) showings on a Sat. and Sun. I couldn’t figure out how to explain to The Cat Who Walks Alone that she couldn’t have the car to bum around with her friends with, 'cause Mom needed to use it to go see a movie about a naked French sodomizer. So I guess I’ll have to wait 'till it comes out on video anyway. Oh well.

[Thank you, Fenris. Your check is in the mail…] :smiley:

You MUST NOW resign from this board.

Duck Duck Goose has used her Welcome Wagon Hijack on you.

She tells people when they are welcome and hijacks the thread to display scorn when they aren’t.

Appealing to the mods is no use in such a case. She outranks mods.

And what was your crime, you ask?

You said “Post and let post”. That flys in the face of cliques!

Fenris, all I can say is that in attacking DDG in such an absurd fashion in his/her/its second post, lazy1@bizarro-world is clearly going for a world’s record in having a Pit thread opened about him/her/it. :wink:

Gnarly Narly Dude, since you’ve been so kind as to attempt to explain matters to, could you please do likewise for the rest of us, since we have no friggin’ clue what you’re talking about!

I just get sick and tired of people like MysterEcks and Duck Duck Goose dicing up new people. It’s uncalled for.

He had as valid a point as jarbabyj, certainly.
Jarbabyj says essentially, “You should know what names offend me before you pick one”. Fine. An honest opinion.

lazy1 says essentially, “lighten up”. Also a vaid point.

So why assume he is evil? And he can respond to Duck. It was a valid complaint. She had gotten her licks in on him first, complaining that he was to new to have a valuable opinion. She attacked him.

First off, you’re not making a good beginning here, don’t they have copies of “How to win friends and influence people” in your local library?

Apparently you didn’t bother to read the registration agreement, board management vets all screen names and it is entirely within our right to ask our members to change names we find objectionable. And this is true whether you approve or not.

Lastly, if you have a problem with a poster, this is not the forum to make your problems known. If you wanna go waltzing with DDG take it to email or the Pit.

I’m closing this thread.

your humble TubaDiva

PS Gnarly Narly Dude, what is YOUR problem?