Using Clitter While Pregnant May Result In Sparkle Babies

So NSFW. ebaum video.


Interesting typo. It is a typo, right?

Watch the video.

Now I’m scared.

All the clitters isn’t folds.

Oh, it’s just mildly funny. And maybe not funny at all. Some things just hit me a certain way. Clitter is a phony product intended to dress up a, shall we say, underattractive vajayjay.


I’m at work, so I’ll pass on the vid. Actually, even if I were home, I think I’d pass on the vid.

Well, no actual vajayjays were harmed during the filming. Or shown, for that matter. It’s mostly dialogue. Sort of a lowbrow satire of those late night infomercials.

What’s wrong with Sparkle Babies? I think they’d be more interesting than regular unsparkly babies. And it would help women with short attention spans care for their offspring, “ooh, shiny!”.


Heh. That’s a hoot. Love the applicator, too. :smiley:

Turns my yeast infection into a jewel collection! Pretty good.


Is it sold seperately? :smiley:

Hahahaha the announcer totally almost cracks up after saying “sparkle babies”!

I want a yaybia! Darn it.

Sparkle babies? Oooh…we’re going to have to expand the Castro in about 20 years, I can see…

That is …hysterical. :smiley: