Using hot sauce to discipline children?!?

So what’s the latest unusual punishment for children? “Hot saucing.” That is, applying hot sauce to a child’s tongue for punishment.

Article here, from the Washington Post: Feeling the Heat: Some Parents Apply Hot Sauce to a Child’s Tongue as Punishment. The Practice Has Some Experts Burning.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

So, what do y’all think??

I think any moron that thinks this is a good idea should be hot sauced themselves.

So, what do y’all think??

I think it explains my addiction to hot sauce and the fact I can drink it straight from the bottle. I buy the little shots and can pop one down in no time.

Sounds good to me. I’d rather be hot sauced than have my mouth washed out with soap. haha.

Well I like hot sauce too, but for little kids? :confused:

Wow. That’s just… mean. :eek:


I love hot sauce now, but as a kid I could barely handle medium salsas. Their tongues and membranes are just way more sensitive at a young age. I have NEVER heard of such a “discipline” technique and can’t imagine the type of parent who would consider something like that, much less on a regular basis.

What’s your suggestion for disciplining little smartasses or kids who bite? When time-outs stop working, something has to be done. You can’t just let them run wild.

A drop of hot sauce isn’t exactly child abuse. Would you rather the parent smack the kid in the mouth? That’s what we got for smarting off (and I don’t even hate my parents for itJ).

The fuck?

Yeah, this is my favorite part:

Your child’s MOUTH is burning, and you don’t consider that physical violence or physically hurting him? Perhaps someone should give her the definition of the word ‘physical’ so that she could think about that a little further.


Just put 'em on a leash. :smiley:

Or a time-out, or going to their room, or having toys/TV/vidoe games taken away… just a few other options off the top of my head.

Disclaimer: I have never used hot sauce or soap to discipline my kiddo, but I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal. And I’m sure those kids learn fast after the first drop or two. :smiley:

Send them to a room with no toys?

Um, no.

But nyctea, what do you do when those methods fail?

If you have an extremely unruly child who continues to bite people after being punished with time outs, loss of toys, loss of privileges, etc, what do you do then?

Of all the things that a person could do, this doesn’t seem to rank up there with ‘child abuse’.

Seriously–a beurre blanc is a much better accompaniment.


Not to mention… it gives them a negative association with a food that may get in the way of their enjoying that food when they are older. (My husband, for example, still hates corn because of some corn-related trauma as a child… how sad would it be to hate “all spicy food”???)

I personally am not saying this is child abuse. I’d say it’s on par with washing your kid’s mouth out with soap, which seems like an antiquated practice.

And if your kid is that bad, then you should probably get him some psychiatric care, not putting hot sauce in his mouth.

One example in the article was when the mom hotsauced her kid for calling his sister a crybaby.

I think hot sauce is worse than getting spanked. Not everyone can take hot sauce, even lots of adults I know, but everyone could take a smack on the butt, as long as it’s done with a hand and not a strap or anything. Getting spanked, the way my mom did it anyway, never actually hurt much - it stung and all, but mostly it was just so damned humiliating.

Oddly enough, my best friend was given the ‘hot sauce’ punishment as a kid when he was caught swearing. His mother told the babysitter that it was the proper punishment for both him and his brother when they uttered the naughty words.

He now recalls with glee that he used to deliberately swear at the babysitter so she’d do the hot sauce thing. And he eats foods that make my eyes drain.

Probably not true of all, but I just don’t see hot sauce as being that bad.

What do you do when the hot sauce fails?

Did you miss this part of the article?