I hope your baby burns her eyes out

Ok, not really, but…

Tonight I was at a bbq. There was an open bottle of tobasco sauce on the table. A toddler came up and grabbed it. I was the only adult in the vicinity. I tried to gently coax her to give me the bottle, but she wasn’t having it. When she started to toddle off, I took it from her. This of course was the biggest trauma she’d ever suffered in her toddler life, because she started shrieking.

And out of nowhere, her parents ran up and demanded to know what I was doing to their precious. I explained that she had grabbed a bottle of tobasco sauce, and I couldn’t get her to give it back to me, and I was worried that she would get it on her, so I took it from her.

Apparently, this makes me a child molester or something, because boy, did her parents try to read me the riot act. Now, I’m not about to sit there and get yelled at by a couple of douchebag parents who can’t be bothered to watch their kiddie, so I tried to walk away from the crazy, but that wasn’t enough. The dad followed me, screaming at me, and finally the host came up and asked him to leave the party. I really wanted to punch the guy, but I didn’t want to make a mess for the host. And plus, I feel silly about punching a guy because I took away hot sauce from his kid. And plus, you can’t punch somebody for being a yelly douchebag.

Whatever. Next time, I won’t interfere at all.

It’s a little known culinary fact that babies go best with tobasco sauce.

Jeez, talk about overreaction. They should have thanked you for keeping an eye out when they obviously weren’t. And the host of the BBQ asked you to leave? Damn, that’s just crazy.

Blasphemy. The delicate flavor of baby is completely overwhelmed by much more than a bit of olive oil and salt. Now, around fourth grade, they get a bit more gamey, and can withstand more intense seasonings.

Seriously though… as a parent, thank you for not letting that child burn her eyes out. Her parents are assholes.

No, the host asked him to calm down or to leave, at which point they decided to leave. But it put me in a bad mood for the rest of the night. I know I shouldn’t have let it, but it’s annoying to have someone yell at you.

Oh, I see: asked HIM to leave the party. I read it wrong.

Still, it must have turned out to be a pretty poor night. Anyway, you did the right thing.

How dare you make them feel like neglectful parents? The nerve!

It takes a village. Unfortunately, sometimes the village is running amuck with idiots.

You did the right thing, as did the host.

well you did the right thing up to a point, but…

When they berated you, the correct response is to shout “F**k dat sh*t!”, throw tabasco in their eyes and sweep the leg.

That way you keep your dignity and they learn a worthwhile lesson.

The only thing I have to say is that you shouldn’t have tried to coax it from her. You should have taken it from her forcefully. And fuck her parents if they can’t be troubled to watch their kid at a barbecue.

On what planet do people like these parents live? How could they not possibly understand that what the OP did was a good thing?

The mind boggles.

Dad needs kicked in the nuts hard enough to insure there are no additional kids.
I feel for you, dude. Last summer, I pulled a drowning toddler out of the ocean and her parents treated me like Chester the Molester, too. Mom was too busy reading a trashy novel and dad was too busy flying a kite to keep an eye on their tiny daughter. They couldn’t even be arsed to have her wear a flotation device. Anyhow, while I played with my daughter and nephew, the ocean took her. She had time to chirp “help!” once before she went under. I went stampeding over and snatched her out of water that was nips-deep on me and I stand 6 feet tall. I carried her ashore with her clinging to me and shaking. Cue mom and dad to look up and begin treating me like the random pervert. I hate people.

Since when can’t you punch someone for being a yelly douchebag?

Then watch the fun begin!!

Did these people never see Mr. Mom?

Are you crazy? You don’t feed a baby chili!

Don’t you know about all the sick fucks that get their jollies taking Tabasco from babies? It’s the latest fetish out there. Perverts on every corner just waiting to get their hands on that smooth cold glass, watching the tears of anguish from innocent babes.

Don’t stop doing the right thing because of a few douches. I would have thanked you. I’m betting this wasn’t the first asshat move by this dad, otherwise the host wouldn’t have kicked them out.

What the hell is wrong with this guy? And what’s with his wife that she agreed with his craziness?

Our of morbid curiosity- what was he yelling at you about? What did he say?

Did you at least get sympathy sex from some casual onlooker?

He got Tabasco from a baby. That’s way better.