Using the Olympics for political ads??

I just cannot fathom where Bush gets the BALLS to even sanction something like this!!! Words fail me…

From the article:

Dickhead is just not strong enough of a word for this “man”.

Kerry supporter, Bush hater here. I don’t see the problem. How is mentioning two of the few positives to come out of our military activities a bad thing?

You don’t see a problem with lying? Iraq was not a “terrorist regime”, and neither country is “free”.

Sorry, but the Olympics have long since lost any real meaning in an orgy of commercialism, drug abuse, and bribery scandals. Might as well use them for political fodder: it’s not like they’re good for anything else anymore. Besides, Bush has already shown that he has no scruples about using 9/11 for political leverage, and that’s far more craven and insulting that trying to squeeze some capital out of a glorified track meet.

Some of the Iraqi players are not happy with the ad either. One of them states that if he were not playing soccer, he would be fighting with the resistance.

The OP does not raise such a concern, though. Seems to me, that the OP is primarily concerned with linking Bush’s campaign to the Olympics, or at least of connecting what Bush sees as two of his accomplishments with the Olympics. Bush’s lies weren’t mentioned.

Man, those soccer players are pissed.

This seems to be totally blowing up in Bush’s face. Maybe he should have asked the team how they felt before he decided to exploit them.

I hope the Iraqi team keeps winning because it’s good for the morale of the Iraqi people. It would also be nice to get a few more sound bytes like this on national TV.

“And Sharon is on the field with the Iraq soccer team who has just won the Gold. Take it away, Sharon.”

“Thank you, Bob. I’m here with the Iraqi team captain, Salih Sadir. How are you feeling right now, Salih?”


“Thank you. Back to you Bob.”

correct! my disgust is using the Olympics as some sort of twisted justification for the deaths of thousands of people! At this point WMD’s are a joke for justifications. Hussein and Osma connections were never proven…at least not enough to justify war. So basically we are now at the point that we had no real reason to go to war, 'cept to allow the Iraqi soccer team to compete!?

Honestly it wouldnt bother me so much if someone actually FIGHTING in the wars said something like this. But for him to say it?? Bleh…

Something about that strikes me as hilarious. Insteading of fighting the evil invaders he’s off playing a silly game. Nice to know where his priorities are.


Huh? :confused:

Nah, that’d be some of that pussified Kerry sensitivity…

The lift to his fellow Iraqis from his playing soccer is greater than what he can provide as another body in the resistance, is what I would imagine his thinking woud be.

He can always hook up with the resistance after the games.

Do the Sadrists have a special salute they could use at an awards ceremony? That’d be sure to cause much wailing and gnashing of teeth on the part of our president’s minions.

Yeah, like now he won’t be watched by the new regime (evil American regime!)

Note to wannabe resistants: Don’t lay out your plans to the international press!
(unless it’s an idle threat of course)

Fuck, in another thread I mentioned I was rooting for the Iraqi soccer team. Now a player says he’d like to kill Americans. Anyone wonder why I’m now hoping every team beats them 25-0?

No, for a change I don’t think anybody is going to have to strain to understand your reasoning. :smiley:

Lemme guess. Because they didn’t drink the Kool-Aid.

OTOH, I’m now rooting for them all the way to the gold.

Ain’t integrity grand?

What he is saying is that he would be willing to take up arms to defend his country in an attempt to quell the violence and continuation of aggressive attacks against innocent Iraqis.
Do you think this is a invalid concern, or is patriotism solely an American virtue?

Patriotism is great, as long as it’s not for a country Bush is invading, apparently.

And as long as it doesn’t include opposing Bush invading a country.