USPS Click N Ship on Mac

I cannot get the application to download into a usable format.

It opens with text edit and is a bunch of gibberish.

Does anyone have information regarding this, maybe a walkthrough on how to install Click N Ship on a Mac

What application? Isn’t it web-based?

I’m not familiar with a Click N Ship application other than the web interface that generates a file for download. If they’ve come up with a desktop application, ignore the following, but this is how I work with the web-based system:

  1. Download the file with whatever file name it suggests.
  2. In the Finder, change the file’s name to anything you want as long as it ends in “.pdf” - you’ll get a warning about changing the extension and we do want to change it.
  3. The file will now open in Preview, Acrobat, etc. and you can print it from there.

I’m not sure why the USPS system doesn’t download the file with a usable name on a Mac, but this is the way I’ve worked around it.

Can you send a link to the web interface portion?

I thought it was a download

Just go to and click on the “Pay, Print & Ship” box on the bottom left. Or go to “Ship a package -> Print label with postage” at the top.