USS Cole

I just finished reading about the explosion aboard the USS Cole, in Yemen; Her home port is Norfolk, same as ChiefScott.

At this time the exact cause is unknown. There are dead, injured and missing sailors.
My heartfelt condolences and prayers go out to these fallen comrades and their families.

They have been hitting the terrorist angle really hard all morning. I don’t know which is worse,an accident or a boat full of homicidal a-holes. How scary.

Some later reports brought up the possibility of an accident while fueling. Not much comfort to those who lost loved ones, but may calm others.

I thought it was established that a raft full of explosives hit the ship? How is that an accident?

It’s still a bit to early to tell what exactly happened.

Video of the damage will tell us more than the sporadic reports coming through Fifth Fleet. The CNN video of the injured sailors in the Yemeni hospital is particularly disturbing – especially knowing that next of kin have yet to be notified.

OK, now the Pentagon is flat out saying it was a terrorist attack. 4 dead, 10 missing & feared dead, 350 evacuated. I feel sick.

Jesus. Chief, does the navy run any kind of fund for the families of the survivors that civilians can contribute to?

CNN is now referring to it as a suicide terrorist attack.

Makes you remember that even in peacetime, our military need to always be vigilant, because they are always in harm’s way as a target.

Boy, the shit is hitting the fan in the world today … can you imagine if Israel had killed Arafat?

It’s now been confirmed that the Fifth Fleet is treating this explosion as a terrorist attack.

The actions of two men aboard the small boat were suspicious prior to the explosion.

The damage, a large hole at the waterline and the flooding of the engine room, is catastrophic. The ship is DIW and won’t ever be able to get underway again until drydock repairs are made.

The ship may be a total loss.

I think I’m going to go find a sailor and say thank you. Boy, this has pushed my buttons, big time.


There is the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society. Servicemembers contribute to this fund.

But more to your line of thinking, I assume, SURFLANT (Commander, Naval Surface Forces Atlantic Fleet) will probably establish a fund for Cole family members soon.

Thanks for the updates, Chief.
My heart aches and my anger burns. Vigilance is ever the price for our security, and once more American fighting men have paid the ultimate price, watering the tree of freedom with their blood.




My mom used to do some work with Navy Relief when I was a kid. I’ll have to look for a site.

Silent Bob sure seemed to sum it up appropriately.

Chief, what would you recommend are the best things we mere civilians can do in terms of aid and help when something like this happens?

See what happens when I walk away?

Thanks, Chief.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

Condolences from this retired chief.

Thanks, Chief. I’ll keep looking, or if you hear anything through your channels, please let us know.

Aye, aye, Beer.