UT2k3. (Whimper)

God, how could they screw it up so badly?
The beginnings of the horror: When you play the SP maps, it automatically assigns you to a team. That means that if you are conditioned to fight the Evil Blue Team, that you are hosed.
The weapons are the exact same as UT. They removed the Ripper, and hosed most of the good weapons. I just hope some talented modder makes an oldcschool mod quickly.

The SP ladder is also horrible. Assault has been replaced with…football. With guns.

The maps are more ‘detailed’. This just means that there is loads of crap to block your aim.

Also, the bots don’t obey your orders.

UT2k3 is like the 2003rd sequal to a movie.

Wow. You’re the only person I have heard say anything bad about this game. Why not just play the original if every change is bad?

I would like to say good things about the game, the thing is, I haven’t had a chance to play it, as the #%%#^$! copy protection makes it so I can’t even get it to load.

That was a few days ago. Unfortuntately for it, I was able to (finally) get Battlefield 1942 to not crash on my system (had to turn on sound hardware acceleration), and my roommate finally got Warcraft III to work, so I don’t know how much time I’ll have for UT2k3.

Though if any of these games give me more trouble, I’m never buying another PC game ever again. I’ve got a PS2 and I’m not afraid to use it.