Vaguely Dissatisfied

Ever have a day like this?

Pretty much everything goes to hell on you, and you can’t do a damn thing about it except watch it spin?

I’m living it now, friends and neighbors.

Since I woke this morning at 6:00, nothing has been able to hold my interest for more than a few minutes at a time. I hop from thing to thing, trying to find some solace, but nothing works.

I putter around my house, looking desperately for something to distract me, but cannot find it, whatever it may be. To bed I retreat, only to rise moments later looking for whatever it is that feels so lost.

Sleep is my refuge, but it will not come to enfold me in its arms. Nor can I take pleasure in eating, for my appetite has left me.

I have not smiled today.

I know exactly how you feel.

/me hugs the fuck out of MrCynical.

I am so there

The best depression remedy I know is to grab a 6-pack of root beer and watch Monty Python for the rest of the day. If it doesn’t work, then perhaps you should try setting a log on fire- It’s fun to watch the flame.

There’s an “All in the Family” marathon on TVLand.

That sounds like a weekend, right there.

/me dances for MrC

Your hareem awaits.


Incidentally, your friends (can I say that?) await too.

You know my policy on cyberhugs, but…

/me hugs MrC tight


Trust me when I say I know how you are feeling.
Big hugs for the evil,evil one.

Some days are just itchy, where nothing flows or feels right. Or even weeks. (Actually the past decade hasn’t been anything to write home about.)

Niggly outside crap is usually to blame; stuff that isn’t solvable right now but won’t get the hell outta the WAY either. It’s a minor but thoroughly demoralizing pisser.

The only thing that works for me is either moving the bod hard or totally vegging out. Do something senselessly, pointlessly strenuous or sink into boneless inertia. Half measures don’t cut it.

Inertia usually works best, frankly.


Rasa, he might prefer it if you fucked the hug out of him instead :smiley:

Cyni – Hugs You know I’m here for you when/if you need to talk about anything.

Yeah… I spent a few years of my life like that.


I hope today treats you better than yesterday. :slight_smile:


Manservant Hecubus = Mr Cynical?

Hmm I guess I blinked and missed the name change.

Sorry you are having a bad day Manservant Cynical

I hear ya there, Cynny— I tell ya though, it mostly happens after I’ve had too much caffeine.

I, as Wicky said, hope today goes better than yesterday!!!

Have I ever not had a day like that?

I have not smiled this month.