Valentine's day

Do you do anything? Sex does not count.

If it falls of fri sat or sun we attempt some kind of annual non kids movie or something. Or move it to the nearest saturday.

How about trying to convince your S.O. to pop the question? At least you would have historical precedent.

Monday February 14 8:33 AM ET
Oldest Valentine Unearthed
LONDON (Reuters) - The world’s oldest-known Valentine’s Day message, written in 1477, was unveiled Monday at the British Library and proves that when it comes to love, some things never change.

On February 14, 523 years ago, Margery Brews wrote what has become the oldest surviving Valentine’s card, using all her womanly wiles to try and convince her lover to marry her.

She flattered her fiance, appealed to his chivalry, then she turned to emotional blackmail.

John Paston, the object of her affections, needed persuading and his father, a Norfolk squire, was not impressed with the size of her dowry.

So Brews told her true love that she had asked her mother to pressure her father to increase her dowry. At the same time, she told Paston that if he loved her, he’d marry her anyway.

``But if you love me, as I trust verily that you do, you will not leave me therefore,’’ Brews wrote in the letter, which was stored in the library’s archives for years.

``For even if you had not half the livelihood that you have, for to do the greatest labor that any woman alive might, I would not forsake you.’’

While Brews comes across as a subtle, literate, intelligent woman, her words show she was well-acquainted with the art of manipulation, the library’s curator Chris Fletcher said.

``It’s a fascinating story, a marvelous insight into the way love and marriage was contracted in the middle ages,’’ he said.

The letter is part of the library’s Millennium exhibition: ‘‘Chapter & Verse: 1,000 years of English literature.’’


i use the shoebox division of hallmark

Had a great day today… my son and brother took me out for heart shaped pizza and gave me a beautiful bouquet of roses. The kids at work were awesome and in a great mood.

It doesnt get much better!

We are, each of us angels with only one wing,and we can only fly by embracing one another

It comes down to a choice really. A choice between getting everyone all depressed 'cause now they know I’m sitting here alone versus padding my post count. I guess I’ll pad my post count with one more post.

Had a very nice day…took my President’s Day holiday a week early, so I had the day off. Then I got roses, a card, and a teddy bear from my sweetie.

Then, it was a GORGEOUS day here in DC, so I sat out on my balcony and read all day.

All in all, a great day.

“You are sweet, kind, and considerate… Like a grown up boy scout with tits!”

  • Brian, aka SDMB’s one and only Satan.

Someone told me it was on sunday. sigh. So I got all prepped 6 days before hoping to get some roses before they charge 20 times as much. But alas, nope. One rose cost as much as a half dozen usual roses.

So I bought red tulips & gave those out to know one in particular.

The chief walked in carrying candy. Told me that he had left the mail in the car. As I got to the car I saw balloons, stuffed bears, stuffed dogs, more candy, beautiful red roses, and a card that touched my heart so much that I will read every day of his deployment. Topping all of this a wonderful dinner, wine, music, dancing and the sweetest hugs and kisses any girl could ask for. Thank you my chief for a wonderful night. I love you with all of my heart…

Girlbysea (AKA: ChiefScott’s GBS)

Now, how long will you save the cards?

If the kids made you a card, you keep it forever, of course.

Sunbear, after my dad passed away, while we were going through his things I found a fathers day card I had made him when I was about 7 or so. He had kept it all those years. I have it framed now. Yep they really do keep those things.

We are, each of us angels with only one wing,and we can only fly by embracing one another

Well, not every one, but some. Better than keeping old tax forms and cancelled checks.

I didn’t get a single Valentine. My friend Aaron wanted to give me one, but I quickly realized that getting a Teletubbies Valentine from a guy was far worse than getting no Valentines at all.


Wo de qianzi shi Zhongwende.

Somehow I feel a great sig in the making for somebody out there…

Anyway, I got a beautiful dish garden/fresh flower arrangement and a thoughtful, poetic card (which I love).

I made dinner- broiled scallops, fliet mignon (my specialty), twice baked potatoes with bacon, sour cream, and cheese, and a lovely bottle of wine.

A great day all in all!

Love is like popsicles…you get too much you get too high.
Not enough and you’re gonna die…

since when does sex not count!? anything that good counts for a lot . . .

but beside that, it was just a great day, at work & in the evening. he got me a pretty mirror w/ butterflies somehow painted on the back of the glass ('cause of my butterfly tats) & coffee-flavored candy & we went out to eat & then did lots of that stuff that doesn’t count.

{hmph. doesn’t count. geez. hmph.}

I went to statistics class, and by the time I came home, I didn’t care that I was alone watching Ally McBeal. Too tired to feel self-pity. Then my roommate came home from dinner with her SO, and I still wasn’t jealous that she HAS a SO. ::bows deeply:: Alright, I’ll admit that there WAS a pint of Chunky Monkey involved, but it was not a pity-pint.

Habit rules the unreflecting herd. - Wordsworth

I WORKED from 8am to 9pm. Yuck. But then when I checked my email the next day there was a very sweet message and some cyber-doodles from a friend-starting-to-develop-into-something-more.

I celebrate my birthday, so we delay V-day until August 14th.

Have you voted for your favorite, huggable Mullinator today?