Valvestravaganza: Team Fortress 2 exists, Portal appears, Episode 2 to rule, etc.

So Valve dropped a bombshell on the gaming world: there is a TF2, and it will be in our hot little hands supposedly this fall (heh, we’ll see).

For all you young-uns, Team Fortress was THE original class-based FPS. It’s sequel vanished into the bowels of Valve almost a decade ago, in which time the very generic concept was done a million different times by other games (though never quite the same): even the expected ideas behind TF2, the realistic military battlefield sim, were done (as the wiki article says: it’s a game that spawned a whole genre without ever being released). The new announcement shows the game going back to it’s more frantic, fast-pased comical roots.

They also announced, and released a video of, a new game they call “Portal” which seems to be more of a puzzle game than a strict FPS. While other games have had working portals, this looks to leverage the idea in a neat new gameplay way (pioneered by an indie game called Narbacular drop, who Valve hired)

Here’s a video preview of Portal:
“The impossible is easy: now you’re thinking with Portals.”

Both of these are being bundled with Episode 2, a game I’m eagerly expecting in its own right.

Looks to be an awesome year for FPS games.

Yay for the TF2 loving- it’s about time. I wonder if they’ll make it out before Duke Nukem Forever (and ever and ever and ever)?

Portal looks like it’d be a lot of fun. Also, speaking as a game effects artist, I highly approve of good games being released with bad special effects (like the fire in that movie)- it means that I have a better opportunity for jobs once they see MY effects! :slight_smile:


That…is awesome. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.