What became of mysterious computer game "Team Fortress II?"

I remember long ago (seems like years ago) there was some buzz about a sequel to the Half-Life modification Team Fortress Classic; it was going to be called Team Fortress II and used the Half-Life engine, and featured things like a radio headset and machine guns that could be loaded by a seperate person for a faster rate of fire. I haven’t heard a damn thing about it since and I assume it was pulled from production (Half-Life 2 is coming out soon with a totally different engine.) Are they releasing TF2 on this new engine as well, or did this game vanish into thin air?

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Teamfortress 2.8 is a very old mod for Quake. It’s not the same as Temfortress II, which was supposed to be a completely new game based on the half life engine.

According to BluesNews, it’s still in development, noe for the Half Life 2 engine.


Sorry, this is the whole story, from ign.com :

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