What upcoming game based on the quake 2 engine are you most looking forward too?

I was looking through a-vault and came accross this poll.
Check out the winner.

Duke nukem forever.

Well its 1/3rd accurate.

None of 'em, there are bigger and better ones out now.

Eh? How old is this poll?
All of these games have been out for a while now, except for you-know-what.

Have I been whooshed?

Yep, you have.

“May 6th Poll - Final Results”

May 6th of what year? 1999?

[That crash you hear is the wind knocking me over.]

Considering it’s referring to Half-Life as upcoming, I’d say 1997.

None. I personally hate the Quake engine.


Yes, this was probably from 1997, maybe 1998, Half-Life was released in November of that year.

Good God. Are they really working on Duke? I find it hard to believe that there are people who have been going to work every day making this game and still nothing has come of it. Have you seen that video they showed at E3 lately? It is dated now. Sure, the textures were pretty good (however I think that UT2003 has it beat now), but everything else about the game looks blech. Recent editions of the Quake 3 engine are better then what we saw in that video. And don’t forget that they are using the original Unreal Tournament engine! Maybe they can easily transfer everything over to the UT2003? But even then I would guess that it would take another year to tweak the game so as to take advantage of the new engine; and that is assuming that the game is already done. But by that time DOOM 3 and Quake 4 will have been out and it will be very hard to “wow” anyone.

I am starting to seriously doubt that the game will ever come out. The developers feel the ghost of Romero’s shame hovering over them and will never be able to overcome it.

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1997? Sweet holy mother, has it really been that long!?

That’s really sad, actually. To think that all these years have passed, and we haven’t and probably won’t ever see Duke Nukem Forever, Team Fortress 2, or a sequel to Half-Life (which hasn’t even been ANNOUNCED).

With the last two, I guess Valve has just been too busy finding ways to repackage Half-Life. What’s next, the anniversary edition?

Wasn’t Half-life based on the quake 1 engine?

Geez. No kidding. If I was 3drealms, I’d sell the license off to some noname publishing house and then start on something new. Let Valusoft take the hit for it or something.

For the record, there have been a number of sequels and expansions to Half-Life released. I can think of HL:Opposing Forces and HL:Blue Shift off the top of my head. Also, Counter-Stike (The most played online game in the world for several years running) and Team Fortress Classic are based on Half-Life, and both have become extremely popular consumer games. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is set to make Valve even more money very soon.

Stera: The Half-Life engine is based off of the Quake 2 engine. It’s heavily modified, however. It uses the same BSP map technology as Quake2 and Quake3, I believe.

I looked it up and its actually based off of the Quake 1 and 2 engine.