Vampire Survivors: Fun indie, rogue-lite game with 72,000 "Overwhelmingly Positive" reviews on Steam, costs $3

Well the “never move” project turned out to be both uninteresting and unsatisfying.

There’s an arcana that adds 3 bounces to magic wand, fire wand, cross, and that wagon/shopping cart thing. My thinking was to use those four weapons – plus garlic for bat defense – with attractorb and maybe duplicator and that should be a good core to build from.

The first issue is that starting with the cart guy means your very first levelup must be garlic. You could survive with cross first, but then many/most of the xp gems won’t be in range for pickup. Really you want the first five levelups to go, in order: garlic, cross, garlic, magic wand, attractorb. Figure even with max rerolls, you’re looking at maybe a 5% chance to get that combo, tops. So it’s super tedious.

The main issue is that apparently, xp gems stop dropping if you don’t move. It’s either a bug or a deliberate “anti-not moving” mechanic, but once I hit around level 5 or 6, I never get another xp gem again. That’s enough to survive past 10 minutes, but not to 30.

Just as a proof of concept I started normally, moving and everything, with the cart guy, picking up cross, both wands, garlic, attractorb and duplicator. Maxed (but did not evolve) all of them then stopped moving. And…nothing even really got close to hurting me the entire rest of the map. The first map, with both hyper and hurry. Untouchable.

So, uh, yeah. Based on how easily that combo completed, I’m sure there’s a bunch of other ones that could work, too, making the challenge uninteresting. And it doesn’t even work anyway, since the game will only let you level a handful of times if you don’t move. Quite unsatisfying.

Gotta be a bug or a change. A video on youtube shows a guy finish a no move run at lvl 87.

There is a way to make this not happen that you need to do if you do a no move challenge.

Yeah I had thought of the pentagram before, but didn’t make the connection that it clears the screen so more XP balls can get dropped.

Anyway, the proof of concept run where I only took five weapons and two passives with no evolutions and then was never in danger the rest of the way while just standing still kind of made it uninteresting, so I doubt I’ll be trying again.

Anybody tried the new content yet? Anything good?

Yes, and no.

Really low hanging fruit is for an endless mode.

Just wanted to add that there seems to have been an update that allows me to play this with Steam Link. I was in my app and this game had an “update” button, I did that and then could play from my tablet.

With a controller attached to my tablet this game is perfect. The small screen is not a problem for the simple, easy graphics. Performance is smooth. I actually like it better on my tablet. I’m just overjoyed with this game.