Vatta's War #4: Command Decision

So, I just finished this book, and I gotta say, I’m pumped for the next one (which doesn’t come out until Februrary, but at least Elizabeth Moon writes these things faster than David Weber does with Honor Harrington…)

Space battles, political intrigue, corporate power moves, and the ever-continuing quest to make more money, this book has it all, IMO, and the end of the book looks like the next book is gonna be big.

Gracie Vatta has convinced the government of Slotter Key to order all of the remaining Slotter Key privateers to rally at Cascadia and place themselves under the command of Captain Ky Vatta and her Space Defense Force. :smiley:

So, has anyone else read this book?

I wasn’t going to post because I hadn’t anything to add. Yes, I have read the series so far and I’ve been enjoying it.