Vcu wow


All the upsets have made the final weekend irrelevant for my office’s bracket competition

All the upsets have saved me. If kentucky wins I will have 1 of the final four picks, not a lot of people can even say that.

Go Bulldogs! The road just got a lot brighter for Butler.

Either VCU or Butler will be in the championship game. In fact, I think you could make the argument that right now Butler has the best chances to win the whole thing, since Kentucky/UNC/UConn have to play each other in the other final four game.

This will be the 1st modern Final Four with 2 “mid-majors”.

What is the modern final four? Because 1979 had Penn and Indiana St.

DUH!!! I was dating from 1970 (expanded to 32)

2 people on ESPN have the correct Final Four. That seems high…

1979 is after 1970…

That’s why I said,“DUH!!!” :rolleyes:

Well, that’s out of about six million entries.

And you know there are people out there that went to school at VCU, and their wife went to Butler. Or they went to grad school at Butler. Or they threw darts at a board.

I mean, two out of six million. That sounds about right.

Plus, there were some special things about those two teams that might make them popular picks. Butler made the championship game last year, and VCU was a big topic of discussion since they were in one of the play-in games. I bet that they both got more picks than average for 8 & 11 seeds.

Why the snarky rolleyes? “DUH!!!” reads as if you’re saying that to Gangster Octopus, not yourself.

Not only that, but the way ESPN had it set up, you were picking VCU AND USC. So some people with VCU past the first round probably thought they would be betting on USC in that spot!

Win it for all the little schools that never had a chance to be here!

Sorry John, I thought it was obvious I was referring to my mistake of forgetting the '79 FF. My bad.

Well, if it helps, when I first read it I did take it either way, I was more confused than anything. :smiley:

And who’s John?

John Munch of L&O:SVU :smiley: