I’ve been racking my brains (don’t say it} to come up with a worthy signature line for you, but damn, it’s tough. You’re just so smart, and write so elegantly on such a variety of topics that it’s tough to get a handle on you. Here’s the best of a bad lot:

If you want to be loved, you must love. If you want to be unconditionally loved, get a dog.

{all innocent}

Gee, isn’t that the same one you gave inertia?

Huh? I just cut this one out of whole cloth a few minutes ago.

Don’t make me use the search engine, Uke. Say it ain’t so.

Man, Uke, those strings must be pretty tight to send that one zippin’ so quick past Wally’s usually faultless radar!

The ride is short and the thrills are cheap- Men and rollercoasters. - - -Courtesy of Wally, that Signifying Guy.

Yep. And I did a search, too, in case inertia had a similar sig.

One for you, Uke.

But Wally, Veb is already unconditionally loved (not by her dog, silly!)


I have chainmail underwear.

Ooooh, thankyouthankyouthankyou…

Let’s just say it’s been a few days from Hell. I haven’t forgotten the Leisure Activities owed to you all. Honestly. Gird your loins; your loins will need 'em.

But your kind words have helped me through a few grim days…

And Demo? Remember that chaste peck on the cheek? Fuggedaoudit.

: :plants an enthustiastic, neuron-scrambling full-lip ‘thank you’ straight on the kisser::

And the same to Wally, while I’m at it.

But I’m still consigning UncaBeer to sorting his navel lint collection. Workin’ on the rest…

Rushed, depressed but hangin’ in,