Veep announcement [Romney picks Paul Ryan]

Fox says it’s Paul Ryan. Which means all entitlement programs all the time.

My money (figuratively speaking) is on Pawlenty. But I shall beseech the gods to make it Palin.

Apparently 8:45 am now.

I say Paul Ryan too. So it will be Rubio.

My guess: Portman.

It’s definitely going to be Jindal.

Edit: an announcement of an announcement?

Now that’s meta!

Condi Rice? There’s gotta be a reason this is so sudden…

I think I like that he’s announcing it over the weekend. By Monday people should be about ready to remember that hardly anyone cares who the VP nominee is. I’m surprised to hear Ryan is that much in the running, if that really is the case, since I thought Romney and Ryan had pretty different visions of government. I’ve been trying to make up my mind all week if the Pawlenty website thing was a smoke screen. Maybe it is - if they were remaking his site, why would it take so long?


Ryan’s plan phases out Medicare in return for vouchers. I suspect less than 10% of voters knows this.

The topic combines the deficit, budget priorities, and demographics. It is the perfect subject to define each party.

If Romney is picking Ryan, it seems like he’s cementing his relations with the far right at the expense of getting votes from anywhere else. I know hardcore Republicans liked the Ryan plan, but my understanding from polls was that everyone else hated it. This kind of choice did not work out very well for John McCain four years ago.

Tee Paw is on meet the press along side Miss Maddow tomorrow morning. It would be a rather odd to schedule that when announcing a VP. I’d love to see it though.

8:45 Romney announces his VP. 9:10 He’s at a round table with Rachel Maddow asking him if he thinks Romney should release his tax records.

Who the hell is going to get up at 8:45 AM eastern time on a Saturday to learn his Veep choice? Seems like one of the worst possible times to pick for an announcement he’s hoping will boost him in the polls.

That noted, I’m hoping he goes with Condi Rice. I think she has the best potential upside, even considering the negative of being associated with the previous administration.

Huffpo is saying it will be Ryan:

I think Romney will be lured to pick Ryan for the money. The right really wants Ryan, and I can imagine big spenders on the right telling Romney that if he goes bold with Ryan, he’ll have more money than Satan himself at his disposal.

Intrade has Ryan at 95% and all the other candidates crashing. Did the VP pick leak?

As for the merits, this is an all or nothing pick. If Ryan is the nominee, the election becomes about entitlements. Everything that went before won’t matter, that’s what the election will be about. Which means that the Republicans could lose in Goldwater-like fashion, or, Ryan and Romney will persuade the public to give them a mandate to deal with a very real problem.

Personally, I think it’s a good thing. I like elections where the public sends an unambiguous message. If Romney/Ryan wins, then there’s clearly a mandate to cut entitlements.

I don’t think they’re really expecting a lot of people to get up just to find out. They want it out there for the weekend talk show circuit and those kinds of things. And in general I think the VP pick leads to a brief bump in the polls and then things go back to normal.

Wow, I was really hoping for Ryan – and I support Obama. I would have bet a lot of money on Portman. Ryan’s not going to win the middle for him.

Paul Ryan? vomit

You’re probably right, but I question how effective that is as a tactical decision. The people that watch the weekend talk shows are mostly political junkies who’re already decided one way or the other. If they announced it during the work week, they’d reach more swing voters sooner, and still carry the headlines on the weekend circuit.

NBC is reporting that Paul Ryan is Romney’s VP pick.

Hmmmmmm. Not too surprising. How will this affect things?