Vegetarian Dopers

What kind of vegetarian are you?

Define the categories please.

pescetarian=only eat seafood
pollotarian=only eat fowl
lacto= only add dairy to diet (avoid eggs)
ovo=only add eggs (avoid dairy)
vegan=avoid all animal based foods

proletarian - only eat the hoi polloi

lacto-ovo–Eat both eggs and milk, but don’t eat anything with a face

Lacto-ovo, though very careful with cheese due to rennet.

closest would be “lacto-ovo pescetarian”. (though fish DO have faces)

Mooooving thread to Cafe Society, from IMHO.

As of last week, I guess we’re not very strict vegans.

Lacto-ovo vegetarian here. I didn’t eat eggs for a few years, but now I feel more comfortable doing so since we passed a law mandating minimum standards of treatment for egg-laying hens.

How about “flexitarian”?

Most of my meals are ovo-lacto or vegan vegetarian, but I do eat meat several times a week. Yes, I count fish and fowl as meat. Alright, I’m an omnivore, but leaning towards vegetarian.

I didn’t see “insectivore” on the list, so I did the best I could.

I voted for pollo, assuming it counted fish along with the chicken.

I used to eat everything, then went ovo-lacto. Then I dated someone who cooked for me and that won out over vegetarianism. After, I stopped eating beef and have pork only as cold cuts and pepperoni. I was flexitarian for awhile but I eat a lot of chicken and fish now. Never was into lamb or other animals. Never gave up eggs. I stopped drinking milk and am generally not overly enthused by dairy, but I do have pizza now and then. I might go back to flexitarian at some point.

fish count as seafood. :confused:

Last I checked, though, they don’t count as chicken.

pollotarian and pescetarian are usually considered mutually exclusive

I guess I’m missing your confusion, then.

Your 1st setence in post #13 is what threw me. It could just be that I have alot of mass and not much volume. :wink:

That wasn’t my sentence. I eat everything in sight. :slight_smile:

How is being a pollotarian any different than just saying you’re a meat eater. How is it any type of “tarian?” Asking “what kind of vegetarian you are” and then giving choices that contain meat is an oxymoron. You eat chicken and you are no type of vegetarian.

Anyway, I’m a vegetarian. Hence I don’t eat meat.