Vegetarianism question

Let me just say right now that I am emphatically not a vegetarian and am not liable to become one at any point. I also know nothing about vegetarian culture.

If you are a vegetarian, why?

It seems to me, and once again I’m not a scholar, that we have to eat living things in order to stay alive. Why is the line drawn at eating animals?

I have heard somewhat about health reasons and enviromental reasons for deciding to become vegetarian. I’ve never been able to completely buy the reasons for not eating animals however.

Yes, I know you vegetarians are probably tired of defending your position, but I’m really interested in these questions and nobody else I know is going to be answering my them.

Sorry if this belongs in Great Debates, but I think I have only a General Questions interest.

Before I dive into this can I ask you a question in return that will clarify your question:

If you aren’t remotely interested in becoming a vegetarian, and you state that you’re unconvinced by reasoning you’ve already heard, then what exactly is that you’re looking for, and do you expect to hear anything new?

Every vegetarian I know has different reasons, and they all draw different lines, too. I can only state my own reasons, and cannot speak for any other vegetarians: Too much of the United States’ meat production industry relies on inhumane animal-rearing and -slaughtering processes which result in unnecessary misery and suffering. I believe it is wrong to cause unnecessary misery and suffering in creatures capable of feeling it. Therefore, I do not eat meat.

Before anyone starts with deconstruction of my position, or ridicule, or any GD-ish contributions, please note my deliberate use of the word “unnecessary.”

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To Mofo Rising: though it isn’t 100% on topic, you might want to wander over here where I am successfully (IMO) defending some vegetarian ideals which I don’t agree with. Since my co-debater seems to have left the threads, or taken a hiatus anyway, you’re welcome to start one on your own.

One veggie I know simply doesn’t like meat; she could care less about animal rights (well, not really, but that wasn’t her motivation for it).

  1. Don’t like the taste of meat

  2. Uncomfortable with the idea of eating dead animals

  3. Animal treatment/ethical concerns

  4. Environmental issues

  5. Concerned about the safety of meat products (raising, prep, handling, supplements)

  6. Economic decision

  7. Health decision

  8. Religious decision

  9. To feel superior and smug

  10. New age reasons

  11. Concern about disease (mad cow and such.)

  12. Peer pressured into it by SO or friend

  13. A step in attaining discipline and control

  14. Weight loss

  15. As a step in bodybuilding to look “cut”

  16. Sensitive to the smell of meat eaters (we smell different then vegetarians)

  17. More regular

  18. Can overindulge in Veggie fare without the same consequences of eating a five pound steak (better digestion

  19. Cardiac concerns

  20. Some people feel they have more energy on a vegetarian diet.

  21. Upbringing or habit. Your body gets used to a diet. If you go through a period where you don’t eat meat, your body is no longer prepared to do so, and often won’t react well.

I think you hit most, except perhaps my favorite

Pisses off mom and dad.

I know several people who became veggies during their rebellious stage, and are still veggies out of preference, habit, and now they think meat is gross.

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I suppose I’m more interested in individual responses. Why are you, the individual, vegetarian? Do you have arguments behind it, or are you vegetarian just for the hell of it?

One of my best friends in high school was vegetarian, but he did it for health reasons. I’m sure there are many more reasons, and I was just wondering what they were.

Well Mofo, those are reasons that I have heard from individuals. I didn’t get them wholesale at a discount store, you know.

There are arguments behind each of those reasons.

There are perhaps other reasons as well, but the ones I’ve listed are fairly common.

Certainly it answers your question, and I’d be happy to discuss any of those reasons in detail.

Here’s 101 reasons:

Doing your penance, Scylla?


Asking what the reasons are and the arguments behind them is a different topic than whether I personally think some of the reasons are good or not.

But yeah, I got some guilt on that issue.

Does this mean that if you were satisfied, in a given instance, that the meat was not produced through unnecessary suffering, that you would eat it?


Personally, I’m a vegetarian not because I love animals, but because I hate vegetables.

DIE, broccoli, DIE!
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DIE, broccoli, DIE!

O.K., maybe I have issues.


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First, I’m not a full-time vegetarian.

Two weeks out of the month, however, I maintain a vegan diet (no meat, dairy, eggs, etc.). I do this to keep my fairly hyper metabolism guessing and help maintain a low % body fat.

I make sure to put down enough calories every day, and I don’t let my weight fluctuate very much, but I’ve found this approach helps in terms of muscle definition and appearance. I also like the challenge of coming up with new things to eat / ways to prepare them this eating plan entails.

That being said, my eyes face frontwards. My third teeth on either side point. I’m natually designed to eat meat and, what’s more, I enjoy it. I don’t view animals as “non-human entities with an equal right to life”. Then again, I’m not in favor of cruelty, either.

I understand the animal rights vegetarians’ concerns, but I think they’re too sensitive to what’s really not that big an issue. I might lend the anti-veal argument more credence than most others, but I’m too big a fan of marsala and too little of a hypocrite to say it really bothers me. To me, there are far more important human concerns to worry about than whether a cow has enough leg room (admittedly over-simplified).

As for the environmentalist arguments, it’s a prejudice that grows out of my strict belief in personal property rights, I admit, but environmental arguments are almost always dismissed out of hand, whatever the issue.

What if we were to genetically engineer an animal that could not feel pain? (I’m not saying it’s possible; this is purely hypothetical.)

Or wanted to be eaten by people?