Verbing the noun

You’ve got a big date tonight. You’re all set to go, but it’s too early. You’ve got 15 minutes or so to kill, and you’re pretty sure tonight’s the night. What do you do? [Alternative scenario: you’re tired, but having trouble falling asleep. What do you do?]

I suppose I’d start a thread in MPSIMS, with a dash of innuendo. :wink:

Yeah, innuendo about verbs and nouns. What did they ever do to you?

Tie my shoelaces.

Change into clean underwear; it’ll be a good thing if (i) if you do get lucky; and/or (ii) you get into an accident like your mama warned you about.

Well, if I’ve got fifteen minutes before a hot date, verbing the noun to calm the nerves might be an option…

In both cases I’d just have a stiff drink.

Verbing weirds language. [/Watterson]

Isn’t nouning the verb more common? :wink: Perhaps I’d contemplate that issue.

(no idea what I’d do–I haven’t had a “hot date” in over 20 years. I don’t have trouble falling asleep, it’s staying asleep…)

When love dashes innuendo, discretion goes out through the door.

I check around the apartment for some innuendo. If there’s none about, I go out and get me some.

I don’t even know what this thread is about. For me, stuff like this goes out one ear and innuendo.

“Let me talk to you more about ‘…ing the…’” said the Prott.

Check the SDMB for new posts. What else?

Gizmoyling the flayven of course.

Isn’t this about euphemisms for jerking it- Flogging the dolphin, etc? Either everyone here is slow, or I am. :slight_smile:

On second thoughts, maybe I’d just whoosh the Wee. How’s *that *for a euphemism?

Have you considered a career in merchant banking?

If we’re discussing euphemisms now, the term “turning Japanese” has always puzzled yet delighted me.

The way I heard it is that some people squint their eyes while masturbating.