Veronica Mars 11/7

I don’t get the Keith Mars thing. If Harmony’s hubby isn’t cheating what is she complaining about? Maybe it’s a set up, because Harmony was meeting about the school paper wasn’t she so they couldn’t go to the movie.

I’m not sure, but I’m glad to see Keith gettin’ some, especially from Laura San Giacomo. Wroowr. I agree, though; this can only end in tears.

Last night they said that they’ve never gotten any sort of physical evidence, such as hair or DNA, on any of the rape cases. How do they know the rape occurred?

My theory: it’s one of the feminists that’s doing the “raping”. Shaving the victim’s head seems like such a… feminine thing to do.

Just because the husband isn’t cheating doesn’t mean they have a happy marriage. She said as much a few episodes ago. They have a loveless marriage but they’ve stayed together so far because he’s a good father. Keith should know better, but a trauma can make a person do stupid things. If she wants to move on, she should do it the honorable way and let her husband off the hook so he can move on too.

I couldn’t tell – was that Chaps cologne that was in Mercer’s room?

I knew the plagiarism thing was a test of some kind for Veronica, but it was fairly convoluted. Did the TA get the bellhop to accuse Veronica?

Well, now we know that traffic accidents give Keith a hard on. Maybe that’s why he got into law enforcement all those years ago.

Nice to see Wallace man up and take responsibility for his studies. I’m a little confused, because it was unclear to me whether he was actually busted or if he fessed up himself. I think it was the latter, and that he was being “brought up” simply for his admitted transgressions. I’ll continue to work under that assumption.

That actually was a pretty smooth segue, linking Wallace’s foray into cheating into this episode’s storyline about Veronica being accused. Quite deft, if you ask me.

On that matter, the whole accusation story felt like a setup right from the start. Not that Roni was being framed, but that she was being led to something by someone. I just couldn’t get whether the TA was the culprit or if the professor set it up himself in order to test his new protegé.

I can’t stop noticing that Veronica’s professor is played by a guy who played a con artist named Rafe on one episode of Xena way back in the day. Unimportant, but quite distracting for some reason.

No DNA evidence? At all? Anywhere? So there haven’t been any rapes. Gee, those girls seemed quite convinced. Though I guess we know at least one of them was lying. I’m really not sure where this thing is going.

Bad sign: Logan being all hot and bothered about this Mercer’s arrest. Even if he’s innocent of the rapes, the guy is still obviously involved with some major shady business (the casino, the roofie supply mentioned by Lamb, probably more…). What has Logan been up to that he’d be that put out. Trouble ahead, methinks.

Still no Mac. That’s just sad. And the whole, Veronica was holding Weevil’s keys while he’s visiting his aunt (or whoever it was)? Please, stop insulting us.

All in all, an entertaining episode, but the storylines(s) seem very muddled and confused. I hope they can pull this together without resorting to some really bad deus ex machina.

They can check for signs of forced penetration which would be there regardless. Given the emphasis placed on the lack of DNA evidence and the themes of the season so far I agree that its likely that a woman is doing it. It’s just been telegraphed a bit too much…

What I got out of it was that the TA wanted Veronica to know that the professor was a womanizer, and not the great guy she thinks he is. So instead of just telling her this, the TA posts her paper on the web using an email address derived from the alias the prof uses at the Neptune Grand. Then the TA waits for a student to discover the paper online and accuse Veronica of plagarism, knowing that in the process of proving herself innocent she will discover the professor at the Neptune Grand and catch him in the act. Seems pretty convoluted, but I enjoyed the episode anyway.

I like the dean’s character. “Go ahead and search through those confidential files; I’ll be in here watching boxing and smoking a cigar”.

Claire should be charged with filing a false police report.

Bingo. And I think the convolution was understandable: if Veronica couldn’t untangle the web, then she wasn’t really good enough to be a threat for long. If she COULD untangle it and accuse the TA, as opposed to the “obvious” perp, the professor, then she’s likely to become the prof’s next protege longer term, and could benefit from the heads up.

I think I actually screamed out loud when Keith’s car go hit. Damn, that’s the only kind of cinematic scare that still gets me every time!

Ya know, both Microbug and I got really, really nervous when the guy who hit Keith went back into the truck to get something to help. We both thought the guy was going to come back with a weapon of some sort, that he’d been sent by the husband to kill Keith.

Glad that didn’t happen.

Except that the plan relied on the bellhop (or some other classmate) finding the paper and making the accusation, which the TA couldn’t be sure would happen.

Wow. I couldn’t disagree more. This ep was the VM I love and have been looking for during all of S.3. Let’s check the storylines:

  1. Keith and unhappily married wife. Very believable and very true for an unmarried middle aged man (being one myself, I can totally relate)
  2. The Dean in an unhappy marriage (see "10).
    3.The Dean being all Veronica Mars on the asses of the “feminazis” of the local newspaper.
  3. Wallaces’ room mate having the hots for VM.
  4. Wallace having to decide between scholarship and studies and maturing to the fact that he might not be the next NBA heroe.
  5. Parker actually getting on with her life. Although part of it is finding interest in the guy who wants to boink Veronica.
  6. Logan actually trying to study and learn things.
  7. Logan being totally in character and cheating (sorta).
  8. VM’s professor being an asshole.
  9. The Ta setting her up.
  10. Wallace’s room mate trying t get it on with Roni.
  11. Who is the rapist?

All neatly wrapped up in 42 minutes, leaving us breahtless for more.

This may not be the best tv going on right now (but it’s among the 3 best*), but it’s surely the best plotted, planned and conceived. No one handles multiple storylines and characters the way Rob Thomas does. And it’s not an accident. He’s done this during the previous seasons as well.

*I put “The Wire” on top, simply because the social relevance is magnitudes greater. And BSG is a much more compelling drama

This show is making me paranoid, because my first instinct was that Keith should get the hell out of there before he got shot.

Oh, and by the way, Claire’s “crewcut wig” was utterly unconvincing to me, and Parker is clearly not wearing a wig; at the hairline you can plainly see the hairs are growing right out of their follicles.

Does anyone else think Parker looks like Rachel McAdams?

Oh, and I know that Pizz (get a better, self-respecting nickname already) is infatuated with Roni (and who wouldn’t be?) and Parker is a bit of an airhead, but obsessing over an unobtainable girl and passing up the one who’s practically throwing herself at you is a great way to remain dateless your entire four years of college.

I missed the beginning, could someone explain what happened with Wallace?
I knew he decided to take the zero (was the other option dropping the class)?

Though I think it is the profs fault for using the same test every year. Unless the prof keeps the tests, studying form last year’s test seems a valid tactic IMHO.

Also, did the TA hack the plagerism database? while it is easy for me to alter the date of a file on my computer, if I upload it, wouldn’t the website stamp it with the server’s data and not the uploading computer’s date. (Guess it depends on how the site is programmed)


Well, it was nice for the TA that someone turned her in, but the plan would have worked anyway - it was the TA that told Veronica/the prof that her paper was flagged. He could have done that on his own, even if the bellhop student hadn’t. That was a nice red herring, but not essential to the TA’s plan.

I meant confusing and muddled to me. I have no doubt that Rob Thomas and his underlings have it all straight. After all, they’re the ones making it up. But there’s more than enough going on for my taste. And hanging over all this is the possibility–the very real possibility–of the show being cancelled before it has a chance to wrap all this juicy goodness up. Possibilities may be infinite, but the number of episodes may be very finite indeed.

Other thoughts:

I found Parker to be strangely likeable last night. Not nearly as off-putting as earlier episodes. If they keep her in that mode, then she can stay. I don’t know what to make of Pizz. Dork, or source of hidden menace? I’m not sure how much chance he has with Our Girl, unless Logan really fucks up.

I think Dean O’Dell’s character is a too over the top. I don’t think many contemporary college administrators could get very far by being that belligerent and prickly (outside of someplace like Columbia U in '68 or similar circumstances). Today’s admins don’t play the hardass nearly that much, even if they want to–too much chance to make yourself a target.

Isn’t it about time the town council considered shutting down the Neptune Grand, just on a general debasement of community morals charge? The place would be more virtuous if they just handed the property over to the local crackhead community.

I kid. I kid, because I love.

Carry on.

I for one think it was nice for Elliot to finally hook up with Maya after all these years.

I agree, it’s what I have been thinking since the third episode.

… IMHO, Veronica’s first thoughts about the “buzzing” noise coming from Parker’s bed was correct. I also think she was right about one of the volunteer drivers being the culprit.