Veronica Mars 5/10

OK, so I never saw that one coming. Excellent episode!

But as for, “I was hoping it would be you.”…STOP IT! This is NOT want I want to be thinking about all summer!!

Gosh. Wow.

My guess is that it was probably Wallace at the door. Veronica seemed too relaxed for it to be Duncan or Logan. Leo is an outside possibility if they’re bringing his character back for next season (and if they were I’d have expected to have seen him in the finale) and Weevil is a really outside possibility (although I’m guessing his role might be bigger next season - they underused him this season but never wrote him out entirely, which seems to me to mean they have future plans for him).

Yeah, I’m going with Wallace too. Logan would be too pissed to come to the door peacefully, plus he’s likely recovering from getting his ass kicked by Weevil. Duncan is probably too weirded out by the turn of events to do much of anything.

I have heard great things about this show? What station is it on? And is this still the first series? I’m hoping we get it in the UK shortly.

No, no, please, go ahead and start another thread, I didn’t want anyone posting in my thread anyway.

Sorry, Otto! I swear I checked for threads first. I just I just didn’t look hard enough!

I agree with you…very satistfying resolutions indeed!

You guys are right about Wallace, too…that’s the only person that makes sense.

Improbability, this show is on UPN…one of the few diamonds in their schedule. The season one finale was just last night.

I dunno about Wallace visiting Veronica at 3 a.m. If they’re as creeped out as they’ve been by their parents, for V&W to actually start dating would be really weird. Not that they’re missing out on the weird in this show, but still. Awkward.

I’m not positive that we’ve learned Lily’s big secret yet. It could have been any of several things, so it could also have been something completely new.

Why does Wallace’s showing up have to mean they’re going to start dating? Maybe knowing that VM asked his mom to sit with her dad, Wallace figured out that VM would want some company. Some platonic company.

Although I’m hoping it’ll be Leo. he makes perfect sense. He knows that VM is on the outs with Logan and he knows she’s gone through some major trauma. He’s the only one of her former romantic interests who I think would inspire that particular reaction. Plus he’s got this dorky-hot thing going and there needs to be some exploration of that (and by exploration I mean many scenes of shirtlessness).

Will someone PLEASE recap the show? Pretty please (bats eyelashes)

I got into this show about halfway through the season and now it’s one of my favorite, can’t-miss shows. I was able to catch up on some reruns so I’ve seen almost everything now, but I’m pretty sure I missed a lot of early stuff about Aaron Echolls and his missing/presumed-dead wife. Can anybody fill me in on how we might have seen this coming, or direct me to a resource?

That’s going to be tough. There was as many plotlines in the finale as there was in the premiere. Here’s the big ones:

Keith took the hooker to a reporter and they ran the story proving that Abel Koontz was innocent. Duncan confronted his parents and his father told him that he had killed Lilly and they lied to the police to protect him.

Veronica is hiding out from Logan after the events of last week. Then Keith and her found evidence proving that Logan came back from Mexico and saw Lilly on the day she died. So they suspected Logan of being Lilly’s killer and turned her in to the police. Logan admitted he had come back but denied killing Lilly. But he was mad at Veronica for suspecting him and they broke up. Weevil also figured Logan killed Lilly and planned on attacking Logan. His first attempt was aborted when Logan was arrested but in a later scene they met on a bridge. The results of this meeting were not shown.

Keith broke up with Wallace’s mother in order to have a chance at reconciling with his wife. Mrs Kane told Keith she would give him the reward money if Veronica agreed to sign a waiver saying she would never try to claim any part of the Kane inheritance. Veronica signed it and after she did Keith told her that the genetic test proved he was her father anyway.

Veronica went to a party (undercover as a waitress) to look for evidence in Lilly’s room. Duncan caught her but they found videotapes showing that Lilly was sleeping with Aaron Eccles and then discovered he was taping them together in the boathouse. Veronica figured out that Aaron had killed Lilly in a fight over her refusal to return the tapes. Duncan found Lilly after she was dead and it looked like he had killed her.

Veronica left the party with the tapes and Aaron followed her. They had a big scene with a car crash, an abandoned house, a fire, a dog attack, and Aaron’s confession. Keith arrived and fought with Aaron. Both were injured. Aaron got arrested and Keith went to the hospital.

Veronica had found out her mother was still drinking. She went home and told her mother to leave (when she did she stole the reward check). Veronica sent Wallace’s mother to Keith’s bedside at the hospital. In the last scene, Veronica hears a knock on the door. She opens it and says to her unseen visitor, “I was hoping it would be you.”

eenerms: You could also go to TWOP and read the recaplet. That site is my satiric bible for when I miss an episode, like last week’s Lost.

I’m so happy with myself. I figured out who done it 3 weeks ago. This is exceedingly rare for me.

Pretty good episode, I thought. The cliffhanger was more a sidewalk crack hanger, but WTH.

Jake Kane was also arrested, for obstruction of justice.

Great episode.

I assumed it was Wallace at the door. I didn’t think of Leo, which is a surprise because I think Leo is so wonderfully cute and dorky that I never wanted V to break it off with him. I’m no fan of Logan’s.

It was scary when Weevil went after Logan with the pipe though. I knew Logan didn’t kill Lilly, so I was afraid Weevil was going to maim the wrong guy and end up in prison! Of course, he still might’ve.

What a good show.

Yeah I know, but they only have a recaplet for the first few days, I wanted to know NOW! :smiley: