Veronica Mars 5/15


A. It’s not the Ugandan guy’s Dad…it’s the rebel’s trying to locate him again.


B. He’s a fake and none of his story is true.

That Apollo’s a sharp tack! has warm fuzzies
Also, go Dick! (I can’t believe I said that!)

I thought Apollo (sp?) was a fraud too – nice twist, that he was trying to protect himself from frauds. :slight_smile:

So the redial Ronnie did on his phone – the movie studio was in on it? Protecting Apollo? Or the number was a phony and Apollo knew she’d check it?

Poor Piz. Ronnie needs to buy a clue. She’s just as bad a girlfriend as Logan was a boyfriend. They deserve each other. (Plus I think they belong together.)

Piz just proved himself to be a total wimp, what with his not taking the NYC internship because that would mean he would be away from Ronnie for a whole 12 weeks, and then not sharing in Ronnie’s joy at getting the FBI internship because that means she will be away in Virginia for 12 weeks. Grow a pair, dude.

They know Pitchfork’s in Chicago, right?

I figured Apollo knew V was coming over - his GF had called V - and had called the studio ahead of time as further cover for his story. You don’t know that he was actually on the line with them when he was talking as she walked up. That it was a ruse plays in with the fact that he just happened to have his door open, and just happened to need to get his laundry.

Can someone give me a quick backstory about Dick and his dad? What is the deal with them both tormenting his brother, til he apparently committed suicide? And was his dad some kind of Skilling/Lay scammer?

If anyone is curious about whether the show has been renewed, it’s not on the CW schedule for next fall but it hasn’t been officially canceled. There might be a sort of spin-off in which we skip a few years and have Veronica working as an FBI agent.

In season 2, Dick and Beaver’s dad was found to be pulling a real estate scam, and he fled the country. Beaver was outed as a criminal mastermind behind the blowing up of a school bus which killed a bunch of high school kids. Part of the reason for this was his sexual abuse at the hands of Steve Gutenberg’s character. When confronted with the evidence, he snapped and tried to kill V. When that failed, he realized his life was worthless (possibly due to tormenting by Dick and Dad all his life, etc) and threw himself off a building.

It’s nice to see Dick is actually having some remorse over how he treated his brother.

The reunion storyline was well-done, and ultimately touching, though a little thin for the episode’s main plot. I liked that Apollo was talking to Silver Pictures on his phone, that being the producer’s production company. Clever. (The Silver Pictures logo is also represented in the decor of Logan’s suite at the Neptune Grand. Another nice in joke.)

Poundhog Day!

So Wallace be goin’ to Africa. That’s one way to drop a cast member for the upcoming “reimagination” of the show.

Speaking of which, I fear for Keith’s safety. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m getting the vibe that his character may not come to a happy ending.

It was quite a thing, watching Dick show some depth. Notice that Dick called his brother Cassidy, not Beaver, throughout his tirade at his dad.

Logan’s upset that his surf trip to S. America was cancelled? When his alternate summer vacation is spending all day every day boning a hottie? That kid’s got some priorities problems.

Nice to see Cliffy again, but his appearance was so brief and bland that he was wasted.

Pizz…Pizz…hell, what’s there to say about Pizz? I get the part about him being conflicted about being away from Veronica, but why not at least address the issue? To just stand there staring blankly over the whole scenario…not much sympathy to be had.

Overall, a decent ep, though again the lack of a real focus hurts the show.

On broader topics, I think I’ve figured out what’s been missing from this season: the Neptune class war. It was such a major factor the first two seasons, but now there’s hardly ever a mention of the difference between 09ers and Neptune’s down and outs. I realized last night that that’s why Weevil has been such a nonentity this season; his character was so elemental in that class conflict storyline that, without that part of the tale, there’s really not much point to him. There were a few hints that the class conflict aspect might come back soon–Keith mentioned the crime wave as connected to 09 neighborhoods–but I don’t know that it really can make much difference at this point.

I think I may have to bust out the DVDs and watch season 1 again, just for some of the old flavor.

Which confused me momentarily as I somehow thought he was talking about Kendall and I had no idea why Dick would care about his dad missing her funeral.

Isn’t this like the fifth time Veronica’s been used ulteriorly by either a client or someone similar? She got used by that “Russian bride”/hitwoman in season 1, there are a couple others that I’m not quite putting my finger on, but it’s a little tiresome.

For which we can fall back on the old standby, she’s just a kid (though almost twenty in the current timeline). But you’re right–assuming they go through with the fast forward, that excuse won’t fly anymore.

However, to come more forcefully to her defense: even though Veronica engages in shenanigans to get her detective work done, she is unfailingly on the side of right. In other words, she’s honest, even when fibbing to get info or some such thing; it’s fibbing for the greater good. Hence, she is more inclined to take others at face value. And really, she has to; if you think about it, working under the assumption that everyone is lying about everything will quickly get you nowhere, regardless of what you’re investigating. You have to accept what most people say when you talk to them, unless you have good reason to believe otherwise. I think ultimately it’s a hazard of her business.

Not just a building, the very same building they are both living in. Also, this is the short version - watch the DVD’s.

I love how Neptune has two hotels: the Neptune Grand, and the sleazy no-tell motel (the Camelot Inn?). No in-between!

It looks like the show is very cancelled. There’s a slight possibility that the FBI spinoff might get picked up, or that Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell will collaborate on another show. I hope next week’s finale doesn’t end with some ill-advised cliffhanger! I’m sorry to see it go, but really I’m just glad it ever existed at all. The first season was the best, and I think they steadily lost momentum in their story over the past two seasons. Most of this year’s cases were like rejects from The Rockford Files – which was a good show, but so was VM. You’re right, Otto, they have overused the “surprise twist” for the mysteries where the investigation is not what it seems. I know that’s a staple of *noir * plots, but when we see it every week it fails to be a twist.