Veronica Mars 5/2/06 -- Open Spoilers!

My impression of Neptune’s courts is that if you’re a rich white movie star or Bill-Gates-like computer billionaire, your’e in good shape; but if you’re a Latino guy with a record and lots of scary tattoos, you might just be in trouble.

They certainly have Weevil’s motive to kill Thumper; they have witnesses who saw Weevil chloroform Thumper; and (I presume?) they have the remains of Thumper handcuffed to something where the staduim used to be. I think it looks mighty bad for Weeves.

My speculation is that the Mannings hired Lucky to put a bomb the bus, in order to kill Meg, rather than deal with her pregnancy.

Which, btw, I suspect wasn’t actually Duncan’s. I think the baby was her father’s. And he had chlamydia.

As for this episode, the trial was a total circus. While I don’t have a beef with the defense getting information on VM’s VD, why was Haaron testifying before the prosecution witnesses? Why weren’t the Kanes subpoenaed? Why wasn’t the whole Able Kootz thing even mentioned? He was paid off by the Kanes in part of a conspiracy to keep Duncan from being a suspect, which would have helped Haaron’s case a lot. I think it would have been better if we’d seen the prosecution score some points, but still lose the case. As it was, it seemed like a slam dunk for the defense, because the prosecution’s case was pretty weak as presented.

I thought about that too. I’m think Meg’s dad is the dad as well and the source of the VD. My only qualm with the theory that he crashed the bus is that they have made Mr. Manning look 100% vile. It seems to me they will pull out a more “shocking” conclusion to the case.

It’s also possible he killed Meg in the hospital after she gave birth.

I know, but he’s about to be arrested for it anyway. So, we know he didn’t kill him, but the police think he did.

Francis Capra (that bald Italian guy with a Brooklyn accent who’s supposed to play a Mexican :rolleyes: ), will not return to the show after the finale. Infer from that what you like…

You have a cite for that, Phantom Dennis?

I would infer that a) this semi-spoiler probably should have been boxed and b) the show is moving to a college setting and it’s very unlikely that Weevil is college material.

I can’t reveal my source. Because I don’t remember it. And I can’t seem to find it anywhere else on the net.

So… infer what you like from that. :smack:

I also wonder about the Francis Capra spoiler. I thought having Weevil get arrested for his involvment in Thumper’s death would be a way to keep him on the show instead of fading into the background when Veronica goes to college. I’d be more worried about his character disappearing if he just graduated and went back to working in the auto shop.

I just can’t get around the idea that such a thug is played by a guy named Frank Capra! I chuckle during the credits every time. Turns out he is descended from THE Frank Capra.

One thing to watch in the least ep. will be the previous scenes segment at the beginning. They always relate to what’s going to happen. What they show and what they don’t show will probably be a tip as to what will play out.

By the way, everybody, Target has the first season of Veronica Mars on sale for $22 this week. :cool:

I wouldn’t put much stock in the “spoiler” – it’s just a random piece of information I’ve assumed was common knowlege since the beginning of season 2, but upon further examination I have no idea where it came from or what led me to believe it. I apologize for posting unsubstantiated info.

Anyway, the season 1 DVDs are on sale at Amazon too for $29.96, which is still a decent price for 22 episodes. Now’s the time to buy if you haven’t already. Show the CW execs that people are actually watching the show.

Four days until the season finale! :slight_smile:

Maybe the defense knew that V had VD because they planted the info that she did? Everyone in Neptune is for sale. Perhaps the lab or the doctor is as well?

Now I can’t remember which thread we talked about Beaver’s weird reaction to Mac. I don’t remember if I thought he had Vd or if he’d been molested.

Oh, now there’s an idea–I never even considered that Roni might not have chlamydia after all. I don’t know from personal experience, but isn’t chlamydia relatively symptomless? That would make a false test result plausible. Oh what tangled webs! Good thinking there, jsgoddess, even if it turns out otherwise. Thinking outside the box may be the only way to solve this thing.

Of course, by tomorrow night we (presumably) will know all…

Wow, if that doctor treated her for a disease she didn’t have, she could cruise through grad school on the money from the malpractice settlement.

(bolding mine)

Yep. And IIRC, Veronica even said something to her doc about not having any symptoms, and he told her that wasn’t unusual…
Hmm…If this plot thickens any more, we’ll be cutting it with a knife…

With that theory in mind, you could also look at the defense’s line of questioning on the topic. He didn’t ask if she had chlamydia, only if she was being treated for chlamydia.
(If I’m remembering correctly)
Although I guess you could also say that if she’d just finished the treatment, she wouldn’t have it anymore, so she’d be able to say no if he asked it that way.

The lawyer asked if she was “completing” treatment. Her response was that she’d completed it. So I supposed she could have said “no” and been telling the truth. Why exactly this was admissible evidence remains beyond my meagre ability to grasp. The DA objected to it as irrelevant, the defense lawyer said nothing to support its inclusion and the judge allowed it.

We may be frying our brains over legal questions for no reason; I love this show, but the writers’ grasp of law is tenuous at best. Look no further than “One Angry Veronica” (the jury duty episode) for evidence of that. Anyone who’s watched a few episodes of Law & Order knows more about law than the writers seem to.

All I know is the next 32 hours (give or take) is going to drive me nuts.