Versus Drops the Ball on the Puck

Wondering if this happened to anybody else.

Comcast SportsNet (CSN), which is local to WDC, is showing the Washington Capitals vs. Buffalo Sabres on TV tonight. Also, on Versus, they are showing the same game. I thought there would be some airplay whacked out rules, because Versus’ other option was Philadelphia Flyers vs. Florida Panthers. So the same game was playing on both channels. I was watching the game on Versus.

Third period, the game is tight. Very well played by both sides. Then, at approx. 9:20 PM EST, near 3:00 left in the game, Versus *totally *blacks out. Nothing for about 30 seconds. Then they come back. Out of curiosity, I flipped over to Comcast (the local channel). They had the game. Flip back to Versus, and they’ve moved over to (what seemed to be) the 2nd intermission report from earlier in the game and going to show the “bonus coverage” of the PHI / FLA game and didn’t carry the end of the game.

I guess my question is was anybody out of the local area happy that they were able to watch the game but then ticked when they blacked out? Does anybody outside of the area care about the Caps?

We typically go to CSN, as it’s where most of the Caps games show up. Out of curiosity, I flipped over to Versus in the first period, and it was showing the Philly/Florida game. Went back to CSN, and didn’t move it after that point. I have FiOS, if it matters.

Was Versus doing some strange flip-flop after the first period? Were the rules different for the Buffalo market? (Are you in the Buffalo market?)

Nope. I’m in the MD market as well. I guess they were flip-flopping in both markets. I just lost the coin toss.

I was watching 3rd period at a Las Vegas sports book (on Versus), but moved to a different area at 6pm to catch the Terps/Duke game - so not sure if we got the same glitch out here.

And yes - people outside the area (although originally from inside) care about the best team in hockey.