Vicar falls backward onto potato while naked -- no film at 11, fortunately

Of course I believe him

“… and only inform the national press of the especially funny ones.”

No name or location of the vicariate - they showed admirable restraint (which they’d cut off a nun who’d gotten tangled up in it after tripping in the stable.)


It’s that explanation that bothers me. It implies that he was hanging curtains while nude. Is that really an acceptable alternative? Would you rather have a vicar who played with his vegetables, or one who hung curtains in the nude?

I’d prefer one who had the courage to admit to playing with his veggies. But I’ve often been told I’m odd. :wink:

Wouldn’t it suck to be the one person who actually did accidentally fall onto some object while naked?

Would almost make you want to attend SUnday service this week just to see if your vicar is sitting strangely.

Yet another reason to wash your vegetables thoroughly.

Google ‘foreign objects in rectum’ Go ahead, I dare ya. I double dog dare ya. :wink:

Nothing ruder than a tuber in the pooper.

“Vicar violated by various vegetables”

Read Cecil’s column. It’s funnier.

I cannot watch the Geico commercial with the bottle of Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup without cracking up.

This expands the range of costume possibilities for “tarts and vicars” parties.

It was a million to one shot, doc. Million to one.

Ooooh, omeone as uck er anus ight ooer i ace.

One potato, two potato, three potato, four.
Five potato, six potato, seven potato, sore.

Hmm… Sheffield Northern General Hospital may have breached the Data Protection Act releasing that information, not to mention patient confidentiality.

It is relatively trivial to work out who the patient they’re referring to is, even more so if you’re in his congregation (“Didn’t Reverend Asstato, who just had his 50th birthday party at the Rectory, go into hospital last week for emergency surgery?”).

Overheard outside examination room: Soooo, Vicar…you want fries with that?

A friend of mine had a black eye once from actually walking into a door.

If I hadn’t seen it happen, I’d have been suspicious.

[hijack]In the span of about two weeks after we moved into our new house, my wife really did fall down the stairs and hit herself in the face with a cabinet door. Visible bruises appeared after each unfortunate accident. She had just started a new job, and I dreaded meeting her coworkers.[/hijack]