Vice City on PC

Does anyone here have Vice City for PC, or at least know if it’s playable? It’s got reasonable requirements listed on the website, but then so did GTA3 for PC and that turned out to be a collossal waste of time and effort due to poor framerates and all. Have Rockstar done a better effort on this conversion? Is Vice City PC worth shelling out for?

It does seem little smoother than GTA3, but you’ll have say what your system is. Then others with the same specs maybe can tell you what to expect.

It’s smoother than GTA3. I’m playing it on the same computer I played GTA3 on, and the performance is FAR better, better in every way. By all means get it.

I just can’t figure out how to win the race mission for “The Driver.”

As far as I’m concerned, the Driver is hands down the hardest mission in the entire game. I HATE that mission.

[spoiler]Your opponent has an invincible car, you’re stuck in a much slower vehicle, and the cops hound you, but ignore your opponent in the race. It took me forever to beat it. It generally takes a little bit of luck to get in front of him, and if you can, you need to run an absolutely perfect race. One small mistake will cost you the lead, and it’s almost impossible to get back. You can try shooting out his tires, but that doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on the way he drives.

When I finally managed to beat it, it was because the cops accidentilly T-boned the guy you’re racing trying to get to me, and slammed him into the side of the police station. By the time they all got extricated from one another, I was several blocks ahead.

If you have finished the shopping lists for your car dealership, you can take the Hotring Racer, and leave it near the police station and walk back to the club. If you park too close to the club, your car will vanish and you’ll be stuck with that Sentinel. That will take care of your opponent’s speed advantage, but you still need to run a very good race to beat him. If it’s raining, just forget it.[/spoiler]

I still have not gotten past the friggin Toy Helicopter Mission.
I have the orginal crappy 1.3gz P4, and pretty decent graphics card, G-Force 4300 TI. I cranked everything up past what was recommended for my system and everything still ran real smooth.
I installed it on an old Celleron 300A system with a Voodoo Banshee video card to see how it would run and it refused to even load, no error message or anything.

Tip for controlling the helicopter, aberge30:

Use the “Look Left + Turret L” and “Look Right + Turret R” commands to turn. This allows you to change direction while in a flat hover rather than trying to turn in that awkward pitch. Take it slow and work from the bottom up, you have more time than you think.

I played the “Driver” mission several times, I only won when Hillary had an accident about 1/4 of the way through the race.

Another vote for ‘much smoother’ checking in. I too am playing VC on the same machine I played GTA3 on, and it is perfectly smooth (GTA3 wasn’t)
I am a bit disappointed though - It was recommended by my brother, who had it on his PS2. I asked him if the city is bigger, more roads etc, than gta3, he said it was much bigger. Now I have it it seems like the city is actually smaller.

It not exactly physically bigger, but has a crapload more detail than GTA3. Lots of little alleyways, jumps and unique buildings.

BTW, how does the popup and draw distance compare to the PS2 version? That was my only major niggle with the game. And do you still see the same models of cars as the one you’re driving? In the PS2 version, it had stuff all RAM and could only hold 3-4 vehicle models; so if you were driving a Infernus, you saw every other approaching car as an Infernus too.

Don’t get me started about The Driver mission. In the end, I had to jump out of the car and grab a motorbike.

I’m stuck after buying the auto dealership. How do you access the races? I go to the pink circle and I can browse through the list with L/R keys, but I can’t enter any of the races with either the “enter/exit” or “action” commands. “Enter/exit” command leaves the circle, but there is no blip on the map where the start of the race should be.