Video. Staged or real?

A “friend” just sent methis link. The idea is that alcohol is a Bad Thing. It surely can be but this video looks very staged to me. I’m not looking to debate whether alcohol can or can not be abused, I’m hoping to to find out if this vid is “real” or not. It has all the earmarkings of a set-up.

Anyone have the StraightDope?

It looks* very *setup, and given that it links to a site about knowing one’s limits by Heineken, it wouldn’t surprise me that if its some kind of viral marketing from the company.

It’s “The Flirt” from the website that is mentioned in the video -

If it’s not fake, the camera operator must be able to see the future, because the timing of framing various faces and such is too good for someone who doesn’t know exactly what’s coming.

Clearly bullshit.

I presume “know the signs” is a site to warn against incompetent marquee construction companies.


Thanks guys I suspected as much.

The pole falls over way too quickly when she starts climbing on it, too.

Also, the focus seems way to good for something caught by an amateur, and the soundtrack is of a relatively decent quality.

She’s acting pretty coordinated for being super drunk. It’s intentional.

Not only that, but the FIRST thing that struck me, right in the first few seconds is that the camera guy is doing a really good job at looking like an amateur, right down to moving around really quickly and all the sideways angles and stuff. Overly amateurish.

Here’s a weird coincidence: I was just talking to a friend this afternoon and he said he had a crisis at work last week because a marquee some contractors were working on collapsed due to it being put up incompetently. Knocked one of the contractor’s teeth out.