View From Wasilla

Today a nice couple came into the store where I work. They mentioned they were from Alaska and I asked where. Yup, they were from Wasilla. They liked her as a mayor and say that she is doing a great job as Governor. They said she got stuff done that people had been trying to do for years.

I’m a blue guy in a blue state, but it was fun to hear an opposing view from people who have a close view of one of the candidates.

You might want to get that checked out.

You do realize that Wasilla AK is smaller than Happy Rock Oregon right?

I think people that have never been to Wasilla Alaska don’t realize how tiny it really is.
Just sayin’

Am I the only one who immediately thought of this song?

Was he wearing Carhartts and a ballcap? Did she have her hair pulled back in a “Wasilla facelift”?

Last week, a nice co-worker from Alaska told us, “The ethics complaints against Palin are the tip of the iceberg. Be scared.” YMMV.