VikeDope III, anyone?

Who: Minnesota Doper types and assorted significant others, pets, and kids.
What: Football! Pop! Beer! Food! And socializing, if football ain’t your thang.
Where: Farm Chique
When: TBD, but either 19 or 26 October, 12:00 noon flattish.
Why: Because I’m a glutton for punishment.

No, really.

VikeDope I was great, even though I still don’t quite ken the whole lno-imthjckaz-slvrfire-bull thang. I don’t think I want to know. But it happened, and as long as they’re happy, I’m happy.

VikeDope II introduced me to Valen the Wonder Dog, and all Minnesota Doper types and assorted significant others, pets, and kids should come see what happens when cows see Valen the Wonder Dog because it’s kinda comical, if you’re into cows. Or dogs. Or both.

And I swear to GAWD I won’t inflict my cooking on y’all this time. We have pizza delivery out here inna sticks now! I buy beer, you bring a couple of bucks, we’ll all get along fine. Unless you want to bring something. That’s ok, too. I won’t even refuse you three times, and I promise to not proclaim your offering as “different”. And you won’t have to eat my food. Trust me…that’s a good thing.

And finally. If you followed a link to here because some stranger emailed you completely out of the blue, you have no idea who I am, and the whole “bull” thing scared you? It’s ok. I’ll keep the shotguns unloaded and locked up. It’s safe here, trust me. The check’s in the mail, even!

Sounds like fun. I’ll keep an eye on the thread to see how it shapes up. I enjoy meeting random strangers with beer. BTW what part of this great state are you at ?

Uh, lno is the one who had relations with an underage calf, after he emerged from the hay loft with a smiling Silver Fire, I had nothing to do with it.

I’ll be there with bells on, or maybe a sombrero, or two.
Spider Woman works on Sundays, but may be able to make a cameo appearance. Of course, I’ll have Zac with me, as he is due for somemore barnyard education.

I’m thinkin’ the 19th may be better after all :slight_smile:

We’ll be there, assuming I’m still in the country - if I’m not, lno n’ Valen the Wonderdog may go all alooooone…

I should let Zap go after the cows… :wink:

That was me, not him.

No, wait - that was ZAP, not me.


Ahem. Carry on.

Could you move your farm closer to Saint Paul? Thank you.

Sounds great! And I do think I’ll be able to make it this year, on either date. I can even bring some kind of food and/or drink offering.

Woo hoo!

I’ll be in Disney World the 19th.

Maybe on the 26th, but don’t move it on my account. St. Cloud is a long way away for my kids.

Hm. Should’ve put that up in the ‘where’ slot, eh?

Near St. Cloud, about 80 minutes from Brit’s Pub/Orchestra Hall/Peavy Plaza.

HEY! Don’t pull that on me! You’re the one who made me wanna do this again!

Oooooooooh, right. Good memory, very short.

See, you don’t have a choice. You have to be here. I have decreed. So there, Legacy INS (or whatever the hell they’re calling it these days)!

WOO HOO! Mebbe you should tell lno to bring his fire breathing stuff. :wink:

Noooooooooooo! I still owe you!

M’kay, we’re going to have to get together some other time, if you can’t make it this time.

So, is it the 19th, against the Broncos.


That was, uh, me.

Although Spidey might make an appearance.

October 19th, is it?

So far there’s one (1) “19th is better”, one (1) “26th is better”, one (1) “either date”, and one (1) “but that’s too far to driiiiiiive!”. I call it a tie.

I don’t care which date. Y’all tell me which day is better and that’s the day I’ll make sure the house is clean.

About time for a bump, doncha think? Especially since it’s either one or two weeks away. EllyBabe, what’s your timeline? If you’re going to be here the 26th let’s do it then, in case Dangerosa can haul her kids up here.

And I will not take responsibility for jinxing our undefeated team just cos I’m hosting this shindig, m’kay? They’re quite capable of choking all by themselves. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whichever day is chosen, I am 95% sure to attend.

Well, if it’s the 26th, I can come then. I’m a reservist, and the 19th is one of those days…

Talking to Mrs. sezyou about this tonight. Sounds like fun! I’ll make the drive from Des Moines. Go Vikes!

Woohoo! I get to break out my Iowa jokes! No, not really. That would be unhostesslike ‘n’ all. Dammit. sezyou, we have a spare room, if you’d like to borrow it the night before and/or the night after. :slight_smile:

margin, I’m going to declare the 26th as the day. . .seems to work best for everyone. Are you from the Cities as well?

chique, is this still a go for this Sunday?

Against the Giants, should be easy pickens.

I’d still like to throw a shindig, but it got awfully quiet around here, didn’t it?


I would love to attend, but it’s a long drive… i will have to join you in spirit… from my Ditect TV Sunday Ticket.