Vincent Price Movie ID

I caught about a minute of this movie last night and don’t even know what channel it was on. Vincent Price appeared to be in some kind of workshop/factory where perhaps lamps were being made. There were a bunch of unfinished lamp bases on a table in front of him and he picked one up and looked at it. I think a floor lamps was knocked over somehow, too. Good, Lord! Good luck with this one. For all I could see, maybe they were baseball bats! Sorry that’s all I have.

Will work on it . . . was it black and white, or color? Was he in modern dress, or period costume?

Black and white, not great film quality; clothing wasn’t “costumey.” Thanks!

Last Man on Earth, maybe? I know I caught bits of that while I was channel surfing.

That’s the one I thought of, as it is in a modern setting and gets some airplay. I haven’t pulled out the DVD though.

Hey, thanks, Johnnies! I’m just going to go with this; otherwise, I’d have to view the entire thing, just looking for that one scene. It seems kind of cool, though. Nice work!

Holy Crap! You guys are great! I’m watching it on imdb and the first shot shows the map that I remember seeing! Well done!

He was making wood stakes…duh!

I was going to play the DVD eventually, to see if the scene was in there. I’m glad Johnny Q’s (and my unposted hunch) were what you needed.

The movie is in the public domain and available on google video:

I almost couldn’t stop watching! Can’t wait to see the whole thing!

“Last Man on Earth” Was the first movie version of Richard Matheson’s “I Am Legend.”

Matheson himself wasn’t happy with the film, particularly because he thought the part called for a more rugged, macho hero.

Oh, come on!! When it comes to kicking ass and taking names how can you not think of Vincent Price?

Well, he did kinda lisp. But that was how he got you, by thinking he was just some sissy boy from St. Louis. And then he ripped out your heart.