Vintage Burlesque Films

I found a load of classic burlesque films that seemed like they would be interesting to curious folks here. Check them out.

Quite interesting, indeed :cool:

Why would you think that?

Strike that snark, I’m totally interested and curious. :slight_smile:

Erm, wow. Some of those looked like they were going into convulsions (like the last one – she made my boobs hurt) and others (Ms. Georgia Sothern) seemed to predate head bangers. However, even as a straight female, I could understand how anyone could fall in love with the “Malibu Mermaid” or run from the “Tiger Lady.” I have no idea what to think of the commercial, but did anyone else think that the Aguilar chick was displaying some sort of cross between Dynasty, The Wrath of Khan and an antebellum plantation? No? Ok, must just be me then. :eek: :cool: :smiley:

Miss Noel Toy (imagine finding that under your tree) dances to a rumba. Only in America, keeds.

…or wait, Cuba has Chinese folks, too. :smack: Whatever.

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I’ve left the URL, so anyone who wants to go there deliberate can do so – we’re not trying to censor what people want to see. We’re just trying to protect against an inadvertent or accidental click possibly leading to troubles.

No biggie; and it’s arguable that those links are reasonably “safe for work place.” I’m just being cautious.

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Next time, if I post something saucy, I will put a caveat :wink:


Well, I would’ve caught Amalia Aguilar any time I could have – based on that dance.

Interesting stuff and much sexier than that MTV jive you see everyday.

Read a “Where are they now?” of her and she claims she was 13 when she started. Fainted when the audience roared at seeing her boobs.

I wanna see a Sally Rand fan dance!

Here you go.

(Link goes to the search results; click the top result to see the video.)

Incidentally, I wasn’t able to watch the videos in the OP’s url, unless I clicked and held my mouse on the scrollbar at the right of the screen. I have no idea what would cause this behaviour, but in case anyone else has the same problem, that’s the workaround I used.

Something Weird is always good for odd burlesque, cheap horror, and forgotten SF. I’ve got a few of their flicks, including a two DVD set called “The Best of Burlesque”. I was drawn to it by the 3D shorts they had, but these asre disappointing – the color is so washed out that the 3D is minimal to non-existent. But the other parts are fascinating pop culture history. Where else would you see these comedians? Or such half-century old stripping?