VNV Nation anyone?

A friend turned me onto them and they’ve become my de facto coding music. I’m blasting ‘Chrome’ right now and just coding like a mad man. Anyone got any favorite songs of theirs?

I’ve liked what of theirs I heard, but can’t point to any specific songs. However, I can mention interface2x in the hopes that he does vanity searches.

‘Chrome’ is just about my favorite song by VnV, but all of these songs are in my EBM/Industrial happy place:

Tempest (One of the most creepy/sad songs I allow to live on my iPod)

If you like VnV Nation, you might also like Assemblage 23.

Why, hello, ultrafilter :slight_smile:

No vanity search on this one, just my usual Cafe Society perusal! My favorite songs by them in no order are …

Forsaken (vocal version)
Legion (the live version)
…and a million or so more.

Last time they came through Chicago, I got some pictures with my cell phone. You can see them here, here, here, here, and here. I highly recommend you check them out next time they tour the US as they have consistently been one of the most fun live bands I’ve ever seen.

Now, paging fellow fan Lissla Lissar

No love for Genesis? Overplayed, maybe, but still one of my favorites. Joy, too.
Anthem is fun sometimes. Not really dancable, but fun. Other than those, you two have hit most of the really good ones.

Paging kimera, while we’re tagging people in.

I saw them live about a year ago. They ended up having to end the set early because the venue had no AC, and they had been throwing down shots before the show apparently. So yeah, recipe for heat stroke. It was a good show though.


I’ve seen them live twice. My favourite songs are:
Solitary (got it on right now)
Saviour (lyrics verson)
I really don’t think there’s any of their music that I dislike. Oh, I love Forever, although it’s not really by them, and Assemblage 23 is awesome. My favourite A23 songs right now are:

Let The Wind Erase You

I wonder if you’d like And One?

I like VNV Nation, though I must say I didn’t like their latest CD as well as their last couple.

I’ll join the recommendation for Assemblage 23–another melodic, intelligent industrial/EBM band (seems weird to say ‘band’ since A23 is one guy). I could name my favorites but it would take up too much room–it would be shorter for me to name the A23 songs I *don’t * like (hmm…can’t think of any right now).

I also highly recommend Cruciform Injection–a little harder edged, but definitely good. Really nice folks, too.

Aside from having too many instrumental tracks, “Matter & Form” is actually a great album to me. It’s different, definitely, but it clicked with my tastes pretty well.

For Assemblage 23, I would recommend checking out some of these songs:

King of Insects
30 Kft

And if we’re bringing A23 into this, paging Anastaseon

Or Anastasaeon even :smack:

I feel compelled to issue the following warning:

Warning: Listening to 30kft by Assemblage 23 may cause severe emotional distress.

Their show was amazing. I think I damaged the hearing in my right ear slightly, because I was right up near the stage by the speaker. The lead singer touched my hand and smiled at me and gave one of the best shows I had ever seen. I love how humble and good-natured they are. Sigh… now I want to go see them again…

I haven’t heard of Assemblage 23, not that I know of. I will have to check them out.

Two of the three concerts I’ve attended have been VNV, and they were great both times. I discovered Assemblage slightly after VNV, and I’m in love with both. They’re my two most played bands. Ronin and Mark djed at a club here a couple of summer back, and it was great fun.
30kft can make me randomly burst into tears.

I love EMB. Does anyone else here like And One?


Seabound? Stromkern?

Mmm…Seabound. Discovered them on some internet radio station a few months back and picked up one of their CDs. I love “Without You” and “Watching Over You.”

If you like Seabound, you might also like Alaska Highway.

I got Heretic II (Visionary) from Stromkern’s website a while back. It was weird at first, but I bought Flicker Like a Candle and Apocalypse (Perfect Remix). The band is growing on me, and The Mercy Seat is fantastic driving music.

To show everyone how great of a live band VNV is, I can say that I’ve now seen them five times (2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, and 2005) plus Ronan’s DJ set in 2003. One of the best times I saw them you can see on the “Pastperfect” DVD where they brought (opening band) Assemblage 23 onstage with them at the end to perform A23’s song “Naked”. The performance itself isn’t too great, but it was a lot of fun and you can see me way down in the crowd on the dvd :smiley:

I’ve actually not heard much Seabound, but I did see Stromkern open for VNV in 2001. They were pretty good, but I haven’t heard any of their studio stuff before.

I think I’m just addicted to Re-Align. It’s so dance-y.
After sme thought, my favourite VNV songs are: all of them, with Solitary, Beloved, Standing, Further, Chrome, Cold, Legion, Carbon, Holding On, and Honour taking the lead. It does change from day to day, though. Which song has the words "The day you died I lost my mind" in it? That sometimes makes me teary. Does anyone have the version of Saviour with the lyrics? It’s great.

I forgot A23’s House On Fire. Good song.

The first song you are referring to is “Forsaken” (the vocal version found on the Solitary EP, not the version on the Praise the Fallen album). I really like the vocal version of “Saviour”, but for some reason I prefer it instrumental. Both are great, though.