Vote Alphagene for Mr. Congeniality!

Are you a frequent contributor to MPSIMS?
Are you tired of Alphagene’s continual snide remarks about MPSIMSers? Click here for only one example.
Are you amused by his snide remarks but want to bug him anyway?
Do you wish you and Alpha were both unmarried so you could take him to a new world of sensual ecstasy? (Whoops, sorry. That’s just me.)

We’ve done it to ChiefScott (see ChiefScott: Smiley Master in the BBQ Pit), let’s do it to Alphagene!

Vote Alphagene for Mr. Congeniality!
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You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say will be misquoted, then used against you.

Just moving this up to the top. I felt bad that everyone was ignoring a post from our own lovable Canthearya.

Plus, I couldn’t resist an opportunity to bug Alphagene, that ol’ barn-bred, bare-faced thimble-rigger.


Uke, let me compliment your mind-reading skills. I was feeling a leetle ignored. You’re the best and I hope your wife knows that.


[old lady voice]Is this the Ladies Quilting Club? Oh my dear, wrong thread.[/old lady voice]

Sure, why not?

How could Canthearya get ignored?

Jeez, I guess I better watch more carefully!


“Mother Mercy, can your loins bear fruit forever?/Is your fecundity a trammel or a treasure?”
-Bad Religion

I’m gonna give this thread ONE MORE CHANCE, in the hopes that a grateful Canthearya will take me to a new world of sensual ecstasy.

(Mmmmmm…butter pecan…)

Now, how the fuckinhell can I be ahead in the congeniality poll? I guess I better work on the snotty cynicism act.

Sorry, I think that’s my fault, UncleBeer. Because I’ve been voting for you. I had a reason for it when I started to, but now I just do because I have Mr. Congeniality: UncleBeer on my vote list. I think it’s because you were nice to people on the day the voting started.

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I’m with you on this one too Canthearya.
Alphagene is freakin’ snide.
I ask for help with icq and he trumps up with “since when did SDMB become a techie support”
grrr. I don’t like him.

I am a fire whose flames lick and spit at the boundless sky forever desiring wonderous consummation


You also wish you could take me to a new world of sensual ecstasy?

You’ve proven yourself to be a premenstrual Dudley Do-Right; I wouldn’t throw stones if I were you, Celine.

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