Vote for Best Animated Feature

Vote for the on you think should win.

I voted for FMF, having not seen Kells or Frog.

Beat you to it.

Final Fantasy


Up was great! That’s my vote.

Although, Coraline is a close second.

Has anyone seen Kells?

I’ve only seen Up, Mr. Fox, and Coraline from that list. Disney Princess movies are ingrained enough in my cultural conscious that I think I can safely rule out The Princess and the Frog. From what I’ve heard, they stuck to the formula.

Up was a real snoozer and ugly to boot. They attempted to play with the viewer’s emotions a lot but failed, mostly because the story was so unbearably boring that I didn’t care.

Mr. Fox was alright, but far from Mr. Anderson’s best work. It had its moments but I’m sad to say it was ultimately a little boring, too. Great soundtrack, though.

Coraline was a pretty cool story but unnecessarily weird in a lot of places. Also the first half of the movie really dragged.

So my vote is . . . I really hope The Secret of Kells is good, because nothing else on the list deserves a statue.