Vote for the best movie of the 90's.

This poll is based on the most voted movies from this thread.

There was a three way tie for tenth place so that is why you have twelve choices.

Well, my number one isn’t on here, and a couple of these are absolute dreck, but I voted for the best of the titles offered.

boo to the no “Clerks”

I saw Pulp Fiction opening day, very first showing. I loved Reservoir Dogs, so I was excited about this new film, even tho it had a couple of washed up-ish actors in it.

2 hours later I was very unimpressed.

2 weeks later I knew that it was the best film I had ever seen.

15 years later, and I still think it’s the single best movie ever made.

Pulp Fiction, of course. Also, whoever votes for Toy Story 2, Apollo 13, or Shawshank Redemption should be banned.

What, no Fight Club?

Where’s Schindler’s List?

I’m not actually entirely certain that 12 Monkeys is better than Apollo 13, but it’s underappreciated enough that I’m voting for it anyway. Absolutely amazing movie, though you’d never have guessed it from its marketing.

It figures that I would be the first to vote for Toy Story 2.

They weren’t voted on that much in the previous thread. In hindsight I should have expanded the list to 20 movies so that it could have been more comprehensive.

I myself am upset that Unforgiven did not make the list.

Where’s Phantom Menace?

Where it belongs: on a completely different type of list.

Since “Natural Born Killers” wasn’t on there, I chose “12 Monkeys” (which is not a bad choice at all, really).

No No Country for Old Men or There Will Be Blood so I voted for Fargo.


I was hoping Clueless would make it.

Since I couldn’t find Sense and Sensibility, I voted for Office Space, not because it’s the best movie on the list, but because it’s the only one I’d even consider sitting through again.

What? No Naked Bukakki Roller Girls in Leather? What the fuck, people?

What, no Babe?

What, no Boogie Nights?