Wacko Jacko's Backo

Let’s speculate on how Jacko hurt his back.

Carrying in this months delivery of barely-legal-boys porn magazines?

Mmmm. Is there a link to the particular B.S. story to which you allude? I"m not following Jacksonmania this time around.


Google News


I don’t think he hurt his back, I think the lawyers just wanted an excuse to keep him drugged up.

Speaking as a current slipped disk sufferer, I have to say I’m wondering if we should forgive the molestation and let him go. I guess this isn’t very responsible of me, but still…

Bubbles got sick of his “peculiarities”, took him out behind the rollercoaster, and gave him a chimp beatdown? (That could explain his facial morphing as well.)

Drank too much Jesus Juice and took a tumble down the stairs?

Invited one of his playpals to switch positions?

Stiffness from sitting in the plastic surgeon’s chair too long?

My back always hurts like hell when I’m stressed.

I can only assume that Mike is experiencing some stress these days.

I just deal with it, 'cause I’m a regular person. But if I was used to having the world conform itself to my wishes around me, I might whine a lot and ask my big, strong friends to hold me up.

As it is, I just whine a lot.

He’s reaching the final stage of his metamorphasis - the back pains are just a symptom of the bones shfting under his skin. Soon, he will shed his human form for good.

And then the world will have true cause to fear him.

Remember, the way to deal with these things is to sever the head or destory the brain.

Anyone have a 12 gauge handy?

A monkey on his back?


Heh. I would’ve figured Bubbles for a bottom. Go figure.

Alessan - you rock. That was priceless.