Wacky ways of earning money on the side

OK, so a friend and I have been thinking of this for a while and it just sounds plain awesome. I’ll never do it in a million years, but it just makes me smile and I’d like to hear any other harebrained ideas you’ve had.

Anyway, here’s the plan: make some food-themed costumes (fortune cookie, burrito, pizza, etc) and run travel out west, offering freelance advertising in the form of a giant dancing pizza/fortunecookie/burrito in exchange for $40 and free lunch. The more I think about it, the fewer downsides there are. I could travel the country for free doing this, and eat all kinds of good food doing it. What business wouldn’t love to have a wacky dancing pizza/forunecookie/burrito for a day? That’s seriously awesome, and it’s basically a given that anyone who sees the wacky dancing pizza/fortunecookie/burrito will immediately go into said advertised restaurant.


$40 won’t cover a hotel room for a night.

Food costumes tend to be hot, multiplied by dancing, multiplied by West, multiplied by summer, and dehydration becomes a serious problem.

Teenagers and other undesirables tend to throw things at people wearing costumes and dancing near roadways.

So, $40 plus grub? Let’s call it $45 even. Divide that by the current minimum wage of $7.25, and you get over 6 hours. If you think you’re going to go into someplace and negotiate a deal for an hour of dancing in the street for $40 plus lunch, I don’t know how many takers you’d get. Any restaurant franchise owner or independently-owned restaurateur worth their salt is probably going to do this math, so would you be willing to prance around waving to cars for 6 hours, hell even 4 hours (if they’re generous)? If so, I’d say go for it. It might be a good deal for you. I usually don’t patronize places that use those guys out on the streets dressed up in costumes. I figure if their food was good, that’d be enough to get people in. Resorting to attention grabbers like that would make me wonder what they’re doing wrong to not get asses in the seats.

Oh, and don’t forget to factor in what it’s going to cost you to make some decent-looking costumes. In the hands of the unskilled, from 50 yards off a 6-foot dancing weiner can look a lot like a 6-foot dancing schmekel.

Just sayin’.

Upsides: all the smokin’ hot ladies. Food item character roadies.

Not if they bring their own costume. It might work. You can always rent out the costume afterwards for halloween or to people with the same idea. And making such a costume is fun and need not cost much in materials (just foam, which can be had at any foam and rubber store, and spray paint).

That’s why I cut the hours back to 4.

Have you ever made a costume out of foam rubber? I have, for one of my daughter’s school plays. It’s not as easy to make one as you’d think (though not incredibly difficult), especially making one that looks good enough that a business-owner would want out marketing his store.

Plus the OP mentioned making multiple costumes, so that cost would have to be factored times the number of costumes. Also, there are costs transporting them, cleaning them (because they will get funky after just a couple of extended wearings), maintenance, etc.

And then rent them out to people later? To whom, and for what? For Halloween and all the other food-themed holidays? If they’re that fun to make and low-cost, people will just make them themselves. Why pay someone else for the luxury of wearing their custom made-sweat sponge?

Look, I’m not saying it won’t work, I’m just saying that if that idea is for someone to use this as their sole means of income to finance a trip across the country, it might need some…retooling.

I’m betting you don’t make it to far west.

Invent stuff

I think both of these assumptions are wrong. I think many restaurants will not find the idea of a dancing pizza or burrito appealing, and I think many people will avoid any restaurant desperate enough to resort to such a stunt.

Reminds me of the prostitute who went in for an appendectomy.
The doctor sewed up the wrong hole, and now she’s making a little money on the side. :cool:

Without expensive dry cleaning these, (expensive to produce), costumes are going to smell and look ratty, pretty quickly. Especially if they are being worn on a roadside in the hot sun, or stuffed into a bag. No one is going to pay a foul smelling, ratty looking furby to advertise their goods. The sun is going to fade the fabric and cause way more wear than you imagine.